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Mateo "Wicked" Morales

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Mateo Morales




Mateo Morales was born on February 21th 2004, he was born in New York with a household of six, his father, mother, two younger sisters, his older cousin, and himself. Mateo had a close bond with his cousin more than any other relationship. Mateo's mother was the money maker in the family as she had two jobs but she could barely keep up with her jobs and the house, she struggled with cooking, working, house chores, and more. Mateo and his family sold their little apartment in New York as they used that money moving to Los Santos to permanently stay.
Mateo had a bad childhood as he moved to Los Santos. He moved to Forum drive with his family, Mateo was a student focusing on his studies more than anything until his environment shaped him up. His cousin fit right in, money chasing and an outgoing person, as time went when Mateo grew up he figured out the truth and it hit him hard, Mateo found out his cousin was a low-life banger, Mateo was just eleven when he figured out.
As he continued growing up his family moved away from Forum Drive, they figured Mateo and his cousin would be fine as they moved to Vinewood for a better lifestyle. Mateo was in Davis High School as his cousin brought him into a gang lifestyle at the age of just fifteen, he learned how to pick cars starting as a youngin for the Rollin 20 Bloods.
The day was going along normally as Mateo was posting up at the block with his cousin, Mateo had seen a black suburban spinning around their neighborhood many times, on the last time they rolled down the windows and gunned down Mateo's cousin as they drove off. Mateo was devastated like his world just flipped upside down. He picked up his cousin's Glock as he ran off before cops came.
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