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[SIGNATURE PETITION] Paleto Bay Playground - Skatepark & Basketball

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Full Name: Evelyn Walker


Signature: Evelyn.W


Comment (optional): Good idea! 👍 Although I'm not a local. I only really come up to Paleto for fishing trips and whenever Pixel Pete opens up (100% worth the drive). Still supporting because, why not? Skate parks are cool.

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Full Name: Arthur Mcloughlin


Signature: Arthur Mcloughlin


Comment (optional): Give something to do for the kids around here, instead of obnoxious rumblings of wanna-be gang-banger punks. Back in my day, I spent my teenage years in the fields of Vietnam, not in the "trenches" of Paleto Bay.

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Full Name: Adrian Rossi


Signature: Adrian Rossi


Comment (optional): I love it. Physical activity and sports is what our youth need to clear their minds and stay healthy. Let’s get it done.

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Full Name: Matt Alvarez




Comment (optional): Our community is best served with areas for past time activities just as this, it'll help keeping people engaged and out of a life of crime.

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