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[SIGNATURE PETITION] Paleto Bay Playground - Skatepark & Basketball

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NEXT GOAL: 36/50 Signatures

STARTING GOAL: 25/25 Signatures


Petition summary and background: Paleto Bay, established in 1898, has always been known for being a quiet little town with slow growth, however over the past months there has been a high turnover in activity, businesses and families. And that is why we would like to share the possibility of using one of the empty dirt areas to create an entertainment environment such as a park for all locals.

Said park would be located behind Paleto Bay's church dirt area, it would consist mostly of being a skatepark with a small basketball court as shown below with our generated visual idea.

If you would like to contribute to this petition, please sign down below in the appropriate fields.

For more information, or contributions, contact via email to [email protected] (( or via Discord to Dub5ty#0760 ))





Full Name: John D.


Signature: John Doe


Comment (optional): Comment


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Full Name: Jade V.


Signature: Capa_21.png


Comment (optional): On behalf of Pixel Pete's Arcade, we'll contribute with donations if this petition gets accepted.

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Full Name: Lux Rémy


Signature: odshBVH.png


Comment (optional): More skateparks is exactly what this State needs. If you need any ramp-builders or donations, feel free to hit us up at Hawaiian Snow! 

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