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CCW Good Cause Justification

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11 minutes ago, Caro_1020 said:

Yeah it’s dumb, mine got accepted at first then it got reviewed by seniors and I got banned for one month. Why a ban? Its like denial=ban doesn’t make any sense. And the application itself was good! I don’t know what was wrong with it, just carry a gun illegally at this point. 

Context needed. 

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21 hours ago, BjornV said:



These rules exist in real-life as well. Self defense is not a valid reason to obtain a CCW in most counties. Good cause requirements are set by licensing authorities. That means that in one county, it might be harder to get a license than in another.


Our requirements are, in my opinion, a little too strict. But on the other side, in a city that sees as many murders on a single day as the entire US does in a week, everyone's in a constant level of danger. In order to be eligible for a CCW, you have to establish that you're at more risk than the average Joe going about his business.

There ''real-life rules'' wouldn't fucking exist if criminals shot up people as often as they do here. Any Republican governor that promises free access to guns would win the election instantly. It's only OOC interference from Admins that stops this from happening and it has long damaged civilian roleplay and made Illegal Roleplay a robber's/murderer's heaven because guess what, civilians aren't allowed to fight back.

When a legal/civilian character has to go to illegal dealers to feel protected something is wrong.


20 hours ago, thekillergreece said:

If you are a trucker and need a personal protection, PF is enough for you in all honesty as it can be stored in vehicle's glove compartment which is considered as secure container.


Yeah lemme just unlock my glove compartment and prepare for a shootout while someone aims a gun at me and says " Run yo pockets cuh "

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4 hours ago, Late said:

The reason for owning a CCW should be: 

This is America and it's in the constitution to bare arms. 

Sadly this is what happens when you have a Eurocentric approach to running the FLD. 

I would be in favour of a prolonged OOC wait before you can obtain a CCW ICly of X amount of hours to prevent the usual OOC abuse of name changes, CK's, gang members etc etc but from an IC point of view it should NOT be as hard as it is now.

I said in Discord the other day, it's a shame GTA V wasn't set in a Texan city, then we could OPEN CARRY AR15's (M4's) around and the argument against it would be even weaker than Californian's stupid gun laws.  (which really aren't as strict as some people here would lead you to believe )

To further back up my point that despite Cali having strict gun laws, it's still not as hard as people would assume and yes it does kind of depend on the county but here is some great examples of valid reasons from San Diego county here: https://sandiegocountygunowners.com/ccw/

Funny one of the examples on that site mirrors almost exactly my characters justification for applying for one, yet it still got denied 😂 Just shows that it’s coming more from an OOC position than an IC one. Trying to handle an OOC behavioral problem through IC measures rather than banning people for piss poor role play portrayal. It’s very frustrating. 

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2 hours ago, Barross said:

we were required to by LFM/SM in order to minimise the supply of weapons into the server, which were getting stolen and giving way to a lot of unrealistic scenarios by CCW carriers.


Maybe that's from the people who blatently buy two guns each month, every month.  Very suspicious but I don't think anybody questions it IC.  If we had ATF they could maybe investigate and ask to see all these guns somebody supposedly has (spoiler: they sold them so won't be able to).

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1 minute ago, TinyPotato said:

I can get a gun and carry it irl easier than on this server lol


preventing bad rp by gating access to items/script functions/tools etc is just lazy

gun access isnt an issue if anyone rp's appropriately

so are we going to restrict access because we accept peoples RP sucks?

well then why are we even here, bothering



the idea to create a quality rp environment by never letting anyone do anything other than esex in an interior is stifling

let people do shit/have shit and just punish the idiots 


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3 minutes ago, TinyPotato said:

the idea to create a quality rp environment by never letting anyone do anything other than esex in an interior is stifling

let people do shit/have shit and just punish the idiots 


preach it brother

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