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Players Are Already Skirting Around The New Robbery Rules


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1 hour ago, Sush said:


This juxtaposes itself though because people valuing items far, far too much was why we had such an issue with chain robbing in the first place. I wouldn't mind losing items if they were actually going to be part of RP and not just go to a character with 2 hours who somehow has a handgun they got telepathically. And as my posts keep getting hidden for whatever reason I'll provide evidence to my claims. You cannot report robberies IC or OOC without becoming part of that person's YouTube DM compilation 48 hours later; just the way it was: 








dont forget this one too! 


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11 minutes ago, ghøst said:


dont forget this one too! 



Good to see my fan club is going strong as always. Do you think that kinda behavior might have been what contributed to him being perm banned from GTA:W? I'm unsure.

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You have to roleplay it, just like anything else, how you decide it causes your character to behave / develop after the fact is all on you. I don't want to roleplay my car being wrecked or injuries because a ricer comes and smashes into my car while I am going 40 MPH and causes me to do ten flips in the air, I don't wanna roleplay that because its happened to me a million times, do I have a choice? No, just like anything else you have to roleplay it.


I do. I play along, it's fine. The problem is that it results in poor portrayal. Because normal citizens of LA don't have this much crime happen to them on a regular basis, especially not in some of the locations where it happens in game. So it's really hard to know how to portray it realistically. Realistically, my characters wouldn't go outside, or they'd move out of Los Santos or something. I'm not sure if that's a reasonable expectation.

But it's GTA, so there's going to be unrealistic amounts of crime, and that's fine once you stop taking the notion of "heavy RP" too seriously.  But the types and locations of crime matter, and that's what this rule change does, it tries to portray LS more realistically as an American city, which in turns should allow people to treat the map and behave in a more natural way, by defining what is and isn't acceptable.


People complained about the rule that kept people from South LS to drive into Sandy and Paleto Bay to mug random people. People complained about the rule that banned muggings done with dirtbikes. Did these things cripple illegal RP in any way? Did they even discourage robberies entirely? Not really. People just like to complain.

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4 hours ago, Coburn said:

And illegal RPers think they're undervalued 🤣


It's nice to see that admins prefer cops v robbers.

2022 is the year of illegal RP buddy, haven’t you read the news?

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I'll keep my opinion short and sweet. 


There are bad apples on every side, you have gangs who go four deep from Davis to Vinewood to rob people and then you have people who clearly don't wanna take a loss and complain in /b or in the forums. A few bad apples doesn't make the whole tree rotten. 


I'd rather get robbed by a Vespucci gang if I was in Vespucci rather than 345 Hustler Baby Diapers Crips coming down for Carson. 

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I also think there's a big emphasis on items. I dislike going out in a car to another part of the city to rob someone. I've found myself having more fun and development by going outside a nightclub and snatching someone's chain and running away. People on both sides should use robberies for development and actually flesh out the roleplay rather than just forgetting about it. I recently got robbed by an illegal faction in Vinewood and I found it fine because I was a Vinewood person getting robbed by a VINEWOOD faction. It made sense. 


People just have to put so much emphasis on items and focus on having actual fun, whenever I snatched a chain I told the person to not give me the script item because either way? I was having fun. I was developing my character and having good roleplay with people. 

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2 hours ago, Viscaria said:

A few times I've gone out of my way to go "walking" with the sole intention of getting robbed, during this time I had 5000 on me back when it was the cash robbery limit, a pistol and ammo, among a couple of "goods" items of value, why did I do it? to give some illegal characters something to do, often times its hard for them to find a decent target to rob due to the majority of players not sticking around too long in fear of losing a few items that they rarely use anyway, not to mention its far easier for them to get pistols with a PF / CCW license as well as cash too in most cases. Did I get robbed? yep I did, most times it was your typical kidnap robbery which was a shame, but the roleplay wasn't terrible, and it provided roleplay to the server in the end.

What do I often find? that players value items far, far too much, when the focus should be on roleplay.

One of my characters always wears this, as an example, I never remove it from my inventory because I'm not afraid of losing items.


Genuinely curious, was this a one-time thing, or is this something you have been doing for the sole purpose of giving illegal characters something to do? I would argue this is the complete opposite of RP and furthermore diminishes immersion as a whole.

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19 minutes ago, Sush said:


Good to see my fan club is going strong as always. Do you think that kinda behavior might have been what contributed to him being perm banned from GTA:W? I'm unsure.

pretty ironic that you call him a fan but you somehow know hes banned which means you've been paying him attention. its not healthy to hang onto the past, move on.

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