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What’s your favourite faction experience?


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Groves Crew... the restaurant R.P. was phenomenal. You could hear the STRUGGLE of workers as the place got packed. The restaurant, at one point, had to be shut down because it was overcrowded with customers and understaffed. Two Jamaicans cussing out ten customers to leave the store.

Other than that? The first Tongva Nation. Was entertaining to have a warrant out on my character, for months, without being found. Still sold Kilos to ULSA through an insider and maintained a low-profile along the dirt-roads of Blaine County. One point, had helicopters searching for my character, as he hid under trees, with an AK-47 in his hand. 


Enjoyed every other faction that I have been a part of. But, those two were my favourite, even though one was an unofficial group.

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LSPD, Carlos Medina at the time made the faction really fun, as well as Boland, Griz (when he was an Lt.) and Britt Hayes. Would literally stay up till about 4am patrolling around with Boland, having a really good time. Same with Griz. Great people OOC'ly as well as IC'ly, they overall make roleplaying fun and it didn't seem annoying at the time. That and the fact that the LSPD has overall some of the kindest people OOC'ly that aren't trolls / take the game pretty serious although still make room for fun and joking around. Definitely will forever be my favorite faction. 

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On 1/18/2022 at 8:51 PM, LaVieEnRose said:

Walking in on three lesbians ERPing in the fire station when I was in the LSFD. That was my final experience in that faction, coincidentally. 

Welp...guess I know which faction to never join.

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