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Basement Request Overview and Format

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Property Management


Basement Request Format and Overview


Basements may be requested for certain properties on the map, and you must have approval from PM before mapping one.

These are not given out lightly and a basement does not enable you to map an entire new floor to your property. Basements, if approved, are expected to meet the guidelines set out by Property Management.


There are a few considerations to take into account before continuing to request a basement:


  • Failure to obtain permission from Property Management for a basement, and mapping one anyway will result in your basement being removed.
  • Failing to keep the property mapping realistic and within the guidelines provided by Property Management will result in the mapping being removed and basement permission may be revoked.
  • You may not request a basement for the purpose of hiding items from players during robberies. We do not allow hidden areas or secret rooms. Regular robbery rules will apply to them.
  • If you map a basement within an agreed concept and change it dramatically, Property Management may re-review it


So, what do we expect in a basement?


  • Utility area - consider laundry/electricity supply and fuse boxes/utility pipes etc.
  • Storage area - a lot of basements are like attics, filled with items not regularly used left on shelves in boxes.


What do we not expect in a basement? (Not exhaustive, common sense applies).


  • Mapping that exceeds the size and concept agreed upon by the approving Property Management administrator.
  • Sauna's and swimming pool's.
  • Panic rooms/mapped “hiding” spots. No secret doors or hidden compartments.
  • Basement "apartments" rented out to tenants.
  • Bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces - without prior approval.
  • Basements in apartments.


Basements can be approved by any Property Management Administrator. They will review your request and TP to the property in order to review it's suitability. There are a lot of factors we take into consideration during this process, however it is important to note, just because a property "might" have a basement in a real-life scenario, does not mean we will approve one.


You will submit your basement request here


What's the format?



Your in-game name:

Property type: Residential (house) / Commercial (business).

Property Name:

Property ID:



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