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Concept Change Request Overview and Format.

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Property Management


Concept Change Request and Overview


  Concept change requests exist for players to tweak the original concept of their business to something that suits their character development better than the existing idea.


Concept changes must still meet the original expectations for the property and drastic changes will be pushed to property requests. For example, gym's requesting to change into bars or liquor stores will be denied as the concept is too far from the original business. For changes this drastic, Property Management will want to re-review the character's eligiblity in terms of reasoning, backstory and so forth.


There are a few things to consider before requesting a concept change:


  • You must not map a property to match a new concept without an approved concept change request.
  • New concepts are expected to be realistic for the existing property, including location, building suitability and not too distant from the original business idea.
  • Changing concept without authorization will result in property revocation and potentially administrative punishment.


Concept changes may be approved by any Property Management Administrator. Concept change requests are to be submitted here


What's the format?


Your in-game name:

Your UCP name:

Property Name:

Original Concept:

New Concept:


Character Backstory:


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