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How much are your vehicles worth in total?

How much are your vehicles worth in total?  

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1 hour ago, Phased said:

Most American families don't have 3-4 cars, let alone people on their own.

Most American families don't live in Los Santos getting 4K per hour plus on top, what they ask for their services, which in total for me is cca 10K per hour.

If we were to be more realistic, deducting a single digit from all earnings would suffice, but the economy would be in more disarray than it is now.

But I believe that as long, as you can rply justify your financial situation and gains, it should be alright. 

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I have one character that has three rusted and cheap-looking vehicles (Rat Bike, Scrap Truck, and a B.F. Club), including an R.V. total is $128,000. 

My main? $29,000.

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21 minutes ago, BINGBONGGHOST said:

Don't think that's fair considering vehicle prices are busted for the most part.


I can buy a kitted out custom 1950s Ford-F panel van (Lost Slamvan) for a measly IG 50k but a stock Mazda MX-5 (Kawaii) costs me double that at around 115k.

That here is pretty important yeah. A Sandking XL on the server will cost 91k registered while its RL counterpart will go for 30-35k. Some vehicles that aren't sports cars, or luxury at all are also in that 150-200 price range. ^^' 

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One of my current characters has a Yosemite Rancher which is 90k unregistered but has a rusted livery and is generally roleplayed as an all-around piece of shit. I knew someone with a rusted muscle car that ran in the ballpark of around 150k (can't remember the model but I'm sure someone can enlighten me). Vehicles that feature a wide swathe of customization options including rusted liveries tend to be on the more expensive side. You can make an Elegy Retro Custom (265k unregistered) look like a real piece of shit if you use the right livery:



The point I'm trying to make is we shouldn't just take vehicle prices at face value, there's more nuanced than that. With that said, I'm not excusing the 14% of surveyed players having vehicles worth 500k or more. When I joined the server back in 2019 I got an expensive and flashy car on my first character. I ended up selling it shortly thereafter because I realized that it didn't add anything to my roleplay. When I see truckers or mechanics with overly expensive vehicles I just assume they're new to the server. 

The only concern is if they can justify their decision from an in-character perspective. The freedom of roleplay enables people to adopt whichever character they desire; if I want to be 6'7, three-hundred pounds with bicepts the size of basketballs than there's not alot anyone can do to stop me. People on this server are given alot of discretion when it comes to the types of characters they choose to play. So long as they can 'justify' that character and aren't just buying overly expensive vehicles out of OOC personal desires, there's not much to be done. The issue lies with people who drive super-cars without being able to adequately explain 'why' or 'how' their characer drives the vehicle that they do. 

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In terms of vehicles; I tend to keep my vehicle value only a fraction of what my residential/business properties are worth. My current net worth is around 1.7mil and I have around 350k in private vehicles. I feel that this is a decent split at 20% value. 


In terms of vehicle, the only reservation I have in terms of vehicles is the absolute overcrowding of high-end/sport vehicles for no reason. 

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2 hours ago, Fancy Toothpaste said:

With that said, I'm not excusing the 14% of surveyed players having vehicles worth 500k or more.

To be fair I'd say it depends on whether they're including their business vehicles. If I did that, I'd be WELL OVER a million ^^' But again that's business stuff bought with business money for business uses, so it's a bit weirder. 

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My character's got a Yosemite Rancher and a small boat that I barely use. In total, that's about 150k in vehicles? I wouldn't consider that too bad considering how unrealistic vehicle prices are around here. An old 1980 something pickup wouldn't cost up to a hundred grand in real life. 

I do try to keep my vehicles as realistic as possible. My character isn't really into fast sports cars or anything, so I don't ever buy those. I've never owned more than 2 land vehicles at once, that's pretty much the most amount of land vehicles I'll own at once. Any more than 2 and you start wandering into flexing territory.

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