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Suggestion to counter vigilante CCW/PF wannabe heroes.

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49 minutes ago, OddSchool said:

Quote it for me then.


It is mandatory to RP fear in situations/actions which you would usually refrain from doing realistically. Repercussions of your characters actions must always be considered, situations which result in death due to a lack of fear RP may result in a CK. 




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Just a tip for people who RP doing robberies and want the entire scene to feel more immersive for everyone involved: You can go into first person and it will show others that you're aiming your gun, even while typing. Yes, this limits your view, but it's not like you'd be focusing on much else than keeping the gun aimed and maybe patting someone down. You can even use an anim to account for this. You can report if the other party abuses the OOC disadvantage this puts you in theoretically.


Other than that, like others mentioned, the fear RP rule exists, as well as common sense. No support.

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Highly supported, anyone that chooses to be a vigilante should be CK'ed upon death as they're risking their own life for a random person. Unless the player genuinely knows the person and has a close relationship with them, it should be a CK period. 

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Smells a whole lot like double standards in here. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.


The current rules surrounding robberies and fear roleplay have already been weaponized and used to essentially 'auto win' by using a copy-paste emote and disregarding any other reaction to a gun pulled on you than crying your heart out and passing over all your assets by certain individuals, establishing a meta of robberies with maximized asset gain and no playing field for the opposing party other than to follow that one reaction or risk having your character permanently removed. Adding more rules of similar fashion will only increase issues and give those people an even stronger foothold on playing the rules to their advantage and being able to roam the server without repercussions because they technically never broke any rules, or if they did it is shrugged off with a slap on the wrist warning or 15 minutes ajail.


There is nothing that is not already covered by the existing rules when it comes to the scenario of overly aggressive vigilantes and 'PF heroes' blatantly disregarding the safety of their character. Aside, rarely any of these seemingly epidemic scenarios are ever reported to law enforcement on an in-character basis. So there either is a large portion going out for an andrenaline kick and then disappearing because they know they will not be investigated unlike instances in which they report the use of their legal firearm, or that epidemic is a non-issue made up by a selective few who are interfered in their asset grabs.


On 1/17/2022 at 11:06 PM, peasoup said:

And no, robbers shouldn't be CKed just for robbing someone. Some people go around specifically looking for people they suspect (or know) are carrying concealed, which is a little bit non-fear RP from a realistic IC perspective, but even that shouldn't be grounds for CK, just for eyerolling.


Ah yes, let me drive around looking specifically for armed individuals to skidaddle their guns with no fear of any consequences and if something goes wrong, I can just walk away to rinse and repeat. But bare if someone interferes with my asset grabs, these filthy play2win individuals should be force CKed for disregarding the fear of my four deep (M) sedan!!!!11!!!11111

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Absolutely not. It's basically legalizing playing-to-win - if you're robbing someone, there's absolutely nothing they can do. Their only option is to risk CKing their character if they get shot (but if they shoot back, the robber won't CK). It's a huge double standard.


If the circumstances allow for a weapon to be drawn, then people should be allowed to do so. If they draw their weapon in an unrealistic circumstance or break any rules, forum-report them. It's the best way to deal with rule-breakers. Otherwise, besides the double standard, it defeats the entire purpose of the PF/CCW system.


Besides, this is already a rule. If you die due to lack of fear, you risk being CKed.

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On 1/18/2022 at 10:51 AM, mj2002 said:


It is mandatory to RP fear in situations/actions which you would usually refrain from doing realistically. Repercussions of your characters actions must always be considered, situations which result in death due to a lack of fear RP may result in a CK. 




You know, soldiers on the front line are afraid too, but they still lift the gun and fire away. Bad comparison I know. But some people are just more brave than others. However this is mostly valid for brawls WITHOUT stupid and senseless escalation, if such people see, that someone is beating up their friend, they will join and try to save their friend.

But a brainless pvp maniacs like we have here, will always escalate it when they see, that they can.

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"It's already a thing" "CKs should be issued on both sides".

I guess I've triggered some people with this suggestion lmao, can't go back n forth with the same arguments anymore.

If people are so sure that this is already a thing, why is everybody still discussing about such portrayal? It should set in stone and made clear to everyone that such occassions will result in such outcomes.

I'm baffled to how many people made this look worse than what it already is, jesus christ.


Here's a prime example.


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