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Racing cars and how do you think that impacts the server?

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10 hours ago, Deeman said:

I currently have a character and a few friends that I RP a racer with. Majority of the time we're not even racing, we don't primarily base all our RP around racing. Some of us are involved with different factions and gangs. Most of the time we'd go to a "well known race track" and just do a couple of laps and call it a day before we park up and just start socializing. 


I feel like racing has become a very niche thing on the server and there's a lot of people who judge others who race, racers get criticized a lot and to be honest, it's for good reason. The majority of the scene is littered with people who simply just want to race, minimal RP, no consideration for their character and safety. Sadly this is what the majority of racers are. Being labelled a racer on the server feels like a bad thing because of the way people have portrayed them in the past which sucks because there's actually a lot of RP potential around it.


The way I see it is that you need to have a group of people who don't just want to set lap times and do laps all day. The actual racing aspect should be more of a side thing.


Well said.


It takes a group of capable people to set this up, and keep it clear of players who just want to race their cars through the city to get from A to B. Those are the ones that need to be dealt with.

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I'll add to my page #2 post with this thing:


Street racing isn't something you go three time horn some dude at a red light. It's a very, very underground thing that you need to know a guy who knows a guy who thinks you're legit to get in some cash money action. Never, ever, will you evade the police and bring notoriety to your car, your car plate and yourself for as little as a ticket. Your goal is to be out there to make money, and anything (e.g. jail) impeding you from doing that is simply not an option. You're not Aaron Paul in the NFS movie.


That being said, there's so much more to do than lap times or car vs. car type stuff. There's cannonball. There's speed runs. There's endurance tests. There's time attack. Sure, there's drift, but that should be on a track, not on a public road, unless you take a calculated risk. 


tl;dr Outta sight, outta mind. You do not need nor want the police. Keep things lowkey. Why on Earth would you want police attention? Vehicular contest and felony evading is a whole ass felony. Your clapbox Kanjo having character can't afford a lawyer other than a public defender. But, then again... this ties into a bigger portrayal issue.


@Blackbirdnice to see an OG pop his head out.


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Seeing as this is once again another General Discussion derailing with the nonconstructive comments and just general name calling, including for some reason my name being called, I'm locking this. I'll give credit, this was going strong for awhile of being civil.


You all said some good shit though, turn it into a suggestion for the in-game rules or make a in-game suggestion. This discussion is no longer needed.

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