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Forbid the facemask meta

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10 hours ago, Kappaurel said:

In America?


Yeah, I've seen people use them in America - in New York, anyway, but knowing LA's culture, I'm 110% sure they do there too. I've also seen people wear such masks in Europe, and I know that they were quite popular in many Asian countries. Well before covid.


If anything, I think it's pretty ingenuous way to cover yourself while not drawing as much attention. If they wore any other facial covering, it would look suspicious. Sure, it's suspicious on an OOC level but ICly, not really. I'm no fan of poorly executed crime but this is not it - or, at least, not because of the masks.

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It's an actual thing in real-life gang roleplay, as long as a player isn't directly referencing or referring to Covid-19 I don't really see the issue with them using this mask. These masks are known for being cheap, they have been used in real-life low-end gang roleplay for years, way before Covid-19 was a thing. In all countries pretty much, not just Asian countries, European, America, all over. As soon as a player roleplays anything referencing to Covid-19 directly and is wearing this mask. Then I would say you can have cause for concern.

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People weren't strolling the streets of LA pre-covid wearing facemasks like they're in Japan. People using surgical masks as /masks is fine in my opinion and I don't agree with OP but let's not pretend LA had a massive population of people wearing masks for hygiene, LA is vile.

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18 hours ago, Kappaurel said:

Hello! Coming to bring up some recent (December-January) issue I've been noticing which is... The Facemask Meta among illegal players!


For play to win reasons, many characters (illegal characters, gang members and the sort, to be more clear) have started wearing face masks! Like the COVID ones, yeah




The only reason they do this is to use the script to hide their name which helps them in the commission of crimes. As we all know, COVID is not roleplayed in our server, and as we all know, no one used these when there was no COVID.


I don't know where this trend comes from, I think some illegal probably came up with the bright idea of using it to conceal their names, since, as opposed to balaclavas or ski masks you can just go "I have allergies, I have a cold, I am scared of viruses!" and no one can really question why you always wearing a mask.


So yeah, that's my grain of salt, please forbid the use of the /maskname command when using these! However, this is a DISCUSSION THREAD, so maybe I'm wrong! I wanna read your opinions.


I agree its rather stupid to wear these for a crime. Someone is easily recognizable when needing to be identified and its plain abuse if they use it to have their nametag masked.

I already contribute to counter this issue. Unless someone can show my character a medical document signed by a doctor showing they need it, masks of any kind aren't allowed on my property or on my vehicles.

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I constantly roleplay in Davis and I only remember seeing two people wearing facemasks and that was probably over a month ago. The facemask covers a large proportion of your face so I don't see what the issue is for someone to use /maskname when they are wearing one.

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9 hours ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

people wore them prior to covid due to air pollution. 


That's cool and all, but the only people that are going to be wearing them in GTAW are criminals. It won't be hard to tie mask usage and "it's for the pollution" exclusively to criminal activity.


The only way this would work is if you convinced a large portion of the civilian roleplayer popular to wear masks as well. Otherwise, nobody's wearing masks besides the people with a reason to hide their face.

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i live in LA and I've seen hella asians wear masks just for their safety. honestly haven't seen any other race wear a mask but I don't think it should be forbidden to do so. IRL they coulda gotten onto masks like that cuz they still existed beforehand. i guess let it be IC?

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