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[LSDP] Bobcat Security Mass Arrest - Gruppe 6 v2?

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2 hours ago, Shokkoth said:

Username: Seo Hoe-Min

Comment: I need you to stop impersonating my company right now. Failure to do so will result in me dispatching my combat-ready destroyers and plane carriers to Vespucci Beach in order to be on stand-by for deployment of direct deadly force should you fail to comply with a direct order from Captain General, Commander in Chief Seo Hoe-Min of the San Andreas Chinese-American Navy. 

Username: Sea-Min-Hoe 

Comment: Stop impersonating me!!! I'll hack your account!

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4 hours ago, ThatDutchPerson said:

Username: Seo-Hee Min

Comment: So two random civillians get arrested infront of Bobcat, wow, so much unprofessionalism. Ohwell, reading this poorly written and designed article still beats being harassed by G6 employees out to shoot 15 year old kids near my ships!

**Post has been removed by moderation, reason: Impersonating Seo-Hee Min & their maritime company**.

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Username: 1337Boobcat69

Comment: What a bunch of losers trying to act like the big chad security company Gruppe 6, I'd rather have a Davis crackhead boosted on cocaine and ecstasy with his uzi to protect my property than these clown.

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122981344-50e0bb00-d3a2-11eb-9132-2c0b4733457f.jpgUsername: Terrence Andrew Davis


THEY have brainwashed you into believing automobiles exist and gas stations are real. NO! Gas stations are PORTALS to HELL! This entire time they've been playing us for ABSOLUTE FOOLS. Stop falling for their trickery. Every car you see is a demon trying to transport you to another gas station (Hell). You own a car? Congrats you are entering a demon every time you drive it. You know what else isn't real? BIRDS. They are CIA gangster police drones used for surveillance and nothing more. Pizza isn't real either, Italy is a  LIE fed to us to believe that we aren't living in a matrix. Pizza tastes so good with pineapple  because it's meant to confuse our minds into thinking everything is real. Same with Ohio. You think a U.S. state that cringe actually exists?! NO!!! IT'S ALL FAKE! Wake up!

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7 hours ago, LeNova said:

Username: Paulie

Comment: Is that all you shitposting fucks can say?!? Duurrhhlll... Based, based, cringe, cringe, based, based, cringe, cringe, cringe, based, cringe... I feel like I'm in a FUCKING asylum full of dementia-ridden old people that can do nothing but repeat the same FUCKING words on loop like a fucking broken record!!! Cringe cringe cringe cringe!!! Cringe, based, based! Onions? Onions, SNOYY!! Onions L O L onions! Cringe, BOOMER?? Le zoomer, I am BOOMER!!! No zoom zoom zoomies!! Zoomer going zoomies!! YnnnggGGHHAAHH I..FUCKING hate the internet so god DAMN much... FUCK! Shitposting, honest to...god...fucking hope your mother CHOKES on her own feces in hell you...COCK SUCKER. But oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh I know my post is CRINGE!! ISN'T IT??? Cringe, cringe, CRINGEY cringe, based, cringe, based, REDDIT?? CRINGE!! BASED? CRINGE!! ZOOM?? CRINGE!! ONIONS?? REDDIT, BASED....BASED!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Username: CringeBasedCringeCringeBasedCringeBasedBasedCringeBasedCringeCringeBased

Comment: ** Video attached (( https://streamable.com/3o497o )) **

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2 hours ago, Los Santos Post said:

Username: Anonymous

Comment: The LSPD's PR team has been infiltrated by Bobcrap security. Disgusting, this is why I only trust reputable sources like The Los Santos Post™️.


Username: Ari

Comment: I had two bobcat ricers crash into me on great ocean highway and SD did nothing!

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13 minutes ago, Junx said:


Username: Ari

Comment: I had two bobcat ricers crash into me on great ocean highway and SD did nothing!

Username: Killshot

Comment: Oh no.. anyway...

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