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State of civilian roleplay and portrayal

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3 hours ago, NickyW said:

Go to any big city IRL and see what happens when you walk around in the wrong neighborhood alone at night lmao

I have less risk of being robbed in Davis than I have anywhere else in LS.

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8 minutes ago, Torlo said:

I've never once had my character walking down the street in fear of being approached by a roving gang of super car driving lesbians who will drag him into their million dollar mansion and force him to erp. 


Hey, babe! New faction idea just dropped! 

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9 minutes ago, roleplayer234 said:

It's going to last about 2-3 months and it will be changed again because everyone knows what I've said is true, people admit it and then just go 'yeah but at least nobody forces these people on me'. They're forcing changes on the server, so there is a problem, even if you just pretend it doesn't exist. 

What you’ve said is extremely biased and has flawed logic behind it. Hardly anyone here has agreed with you and you completely ignore people’s posts when they make good points. You’ve done nothing but talk about other people’s RP and why you think it’s shitty. The same way people have talked about poor robbery and criminal RP and why they think it’s shitty. You’ve literally done the same thing, but because you’re doing it, it’s okay?


Kettle, meet pot. 

Illegal RP is being given a literal discussion platform to discuss changes within the illegal community to do the same thing and dictate changes. Haven’t heard you mention that being a problem? Because it benefits you. 


Kettle, meet pot. 

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1 hour ago, NickyW said:

C.  Yes, just like clockwork. Sounds like you've heard that line before. Here's a tip: If one person says you stepped in shit, maybe they're wrong, but if you're getting told multiple times by different people that you're walking in shit, maybe you should look at your shoe.

I just wanted to note something quick ^^'


Regarding your Long Beach Boulevard comment I can only agree - statistically the odds of something bad happening were low. I just meant to convey that because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it won't happen ^^' Personally I've been lucky, only got robbed 3 times in the last 3 months (once in Paleto, once near the freeway, once on Legion Square). Someone I RP with however was abducted three times and robbed 3 more just in December :x Stats aren't always evenly spread out, unfortunately. That put aside...


A major part of the problem with the "mallrat / sims" comments is that most of those are thrown at essentially anyone, with zero idea of which kind of character is played on the other side. I remember similar accusations being thrown against a friend of mine's character, a while ago, on Discord. "Haha he's only here to ERP XDDDD" whenever his character was mentioned. Thing is, he kept his criminal activity very discreet and lowkey, I was honestly amazed by the portrayal. And when those who called him a mallrat ended up in his crosshairs, they started a fucking drama because it was "unrealistic for a civilian to be so well connected and so good at killing!". Problem is, he was NEVER a civilian and started illegal shit from day one. However: he wasn't a slicked-hair-and-suit dude with an Italian name, he wasn't a Davis kid, so most people immediately and wrongly assumed he was a civilian. 


Even here, my own char (driving a cheap truck, not an Infernus lol) got called an erp mallrat, IN PMs NO LESS lol, by someone I never RP'd with a single time. At that exact moment, he was heading to sell some heroin to a contact. It just goes to show how those terms are just thrown randomly to be edgy, and don't really carry any meaning... it only makes legal RP'ers want to dismiss illegals even more. 😕 And saying that "this accusation doesn't come from nowhere!" is kind of an issue, because I can guarantee that at least 9 out of 10 times, it's definitely thrown out of nowhere and with no actual base. 


(I'm not even counting the smarter illegal characters who go around, voluntarily dressed up AS mallrats, to lower other people's suspicion - I've played for a long while, on this server, a girl who was flirting around all the time and dressed up as a full-on mallrat, not many suspected the amount of guns and coke she sold because people just made dumb OOC assumptions lol. It was an amazing pass to do illegal shit in plain sight 😛 )

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Hey @Bospy


Appreciate your post on the on the IFM noticeboard but feel it's a little confusing, even with your clarification. 


For anybody out of the loop:



Just some quick questions for transparency because hey, that's GTAW's BREAD N BUTTER!


What is considered an "established" illegal character? How long-term is long-term before I don't need to /report to rob and kill people on the beach in a restricted crime zone for example?


Do these rules still apply to unofficial groups or just the legal characters committing crimes? Judging from your reply official factions don't have to worry about the rules but those in unofficial groups do.


The big rule changes look nice on paper and I'm excited to see how they pan out IG but I'd be lying if I said it didn't seem like a whole load of nothing decorated as big changes for civilian RP'ers, I've never been robbed by a car that's not filled with people from their respective faction and I really doubt the majority of people complaining about excessive robberies have either. Only time will tell of course but I don't feel much is gonna change at all and people will still be hiding in their homes.

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I just read through this entire thread, and I'll agree on many fronts... however, it does seem like your unnamed bogeyman is pretty obviously myself and the others who participated in previous discussion, given I and these select few created the last major discussion thread(s) on the topic of unrealistic crime roleplay and your comment on the great debate thread.


...which is pretty disheartening, given at least in my case, I state in my topic numerous times that this bad roleplay was negatively impacting good criminal roleplayers more than civilians. Outright writing anyone off as "whining" or making "banal complaints" is really no way to be and you seem to have missed the point of what I was trying to get at in my discussion entirely: I want the criminal element in the server to improve, but that cannot happen without plucking some bad apples. It was getting too rotten to ignore, it does not make anyone a terrible person for pointing it out.


With that being said, I'm also in the great debate discord and I've been agreeing that change is necessary for gang roleplay too. Gang RP makes up the majority of the server and it needs a little TLC, with these new rules in place and a shift away from unofficial groups you'll very likely start to see a linear increase in quality as well. I can't speak for all civilian roleplayers- I call those people out too in my post- but most of us just want to run our businesses and RP day to day stuff. Whether a character has gotten wealthy over years of development is irrelevant to their roleplay quality, this is the same issue as unofficial groups popping up and claiming to be big shots when they've only been there a week at most: shitty roleplayers ruin it for those who want to use concepts such as wealth by oversaturation and being the most loud about it.


In summary, I agree with you that there's some really horrific portrayal out there, but maybe don't say 'the usual suspects are fucking it all up for us' when 'the usual suspects' are folks just as fed up with the state of the server and RP in general as you. It's divisive and breeds that 'us vs. them' mentality you were just lamenting. The pink haired ricers you're outspoken against don't contribute to the forums outside their bubble, just like the checkerboard ighoul drip unofficial group gang roleplayers don't.

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If you don't like the new changes added to make roleplay better for everyone overall. People shouldn't be getting robbed by Davis gangs on the other side of the city, it makes no actual sense. I for one an very happy to see this change added, and while I wish there were more changes as an Illegal roleplayer it will be pretty fun actually having the city feel like a city... rather than one big clusterfuck we'll have each area feel unique. 

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Also- in addition if you really want to discuss this sort of thing Nervous literally created a discord server for illegal roleplayers to discuss the future of illegal roleplay, bring up your concerns there rather than bringing it to the forums in order to create toxicity. 

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16 minutes ago, Zetara said:

Also- in addition if you really want to discuss this sort of thing Nervous literally created a discord server for illegal roleplayers to discuss the future of illegal roleplay, bring up your concerns there rather than bringing it to the forums in order to create toxicity. 

People are not really allowed into the server unless you belong to an offical illegal faction as far as I'm aware.

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I happened to open my coffee shop on the pier today, just as the robbery rules came into effect, not deliberate, I was planning to open either way.
The pier has always been a mugging hot spot, which is a shame because it is such a great rp environment.

I don't know if it was because it was Sunday, it can be a bit random, but I definitely saw an increase in people dropping by and I had two people message me saying that the reason they came down to have a coffee at the pier was because of the new robbery rules that made them feel safe enough to come down there.

I just felt like sharing something positive. 

So thank you! ❤️

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