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Your thoughts on World Points & Perks?

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Hello, now before we dive into this discussion, allow me to make something clear:

>This thread is purely for discussion. It should not be, under any circumstance used to bash/make fun/insult players who donate/do not donate. Everyone is free to do what they please with their personal real-life money and it's up to them to decide whether or not they feel like donating is worthwhile.<


If you happen to not know about World Points or if you simply need to revisit, I encourage you to refer to: 


Your honest opinion matters a lot, even in community-made threads, and communication is naturally important in such a big community. If you happen to have criticism of any kind to make, please do try and make it as constructive as you can.


What we're here to discuss is purely on the technical side of World Points, therefore I have a set of optional questions:


1): Regardless if you are a donator or not, do you believe that WP (World points) is a good donation system?



2): Do you believe World Points should be used for cosmetic assets (clothes, animals, walkstyles), - practical assets (businesses, properties, characters),- or a mix of both?



3): As of right now, is there any perk or feature you would wish to add or remove from the World Points list?



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Yea I think world points are a good system


Pets probs make sense to be behind WP i dont think clothes and properties should be behind this system.


Although I am mostly happy with the WP system I do think some things could / should be be tweaked / balanced. When it comes to business related things like /bad we need some of that behind WPs and /bad is probs the best one to stick behind a paywall. I like how its behind a package too so you pay for your month and youre good.

However I do not think every business advertising feature should be behind a pay wall. 

There is a business map that has fallen into being broken and never used anyway because it wasnt worth to pay real money to get your business on this map (a website like the properties for sale map)

The events, calendar behind /ads is also a paid aspect. I do not see many events on this a month and its an amazing system, under used because of the payment model its behind. 

And Facebrowser ads are behind a paywall, maybe this makes sense however every useful feature for businesses in advertising shouldnt be behind pay walls. And some like the events calendar where you have to pay per use is not appealing. 


We should have some that are and some that arent. Balance. /ad works and im glad thats not behind WPs but we are stacking so many business advertising features behind pay walls that it makes some under used. 

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I think the system is good but it could use a big revamp to unify and standardize it a bit more. Right now, there's a lot of different ways, some more hidden than others, to get hold of and to spend world points.


The donator packages & prices of each item should also be reconsidered to make it more realistic for people to actually buy stuff and enhance their experience. Think of someone who's playing a lot, and has two-three characters. She wants to buy platinum. Also, a Facebrowser membership. Maybe have a business, or a faction that uses a .gta.world domain. And why not, a dog and a radio station. Also, maybe they want to have an outdoor business, or use some exterior decorations for whatever reason. Regardless, they will have to buy these all on 20 different pages, websites and in-game menus, and spend thousands of world points a month on them.

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Donations are a needed evil, unfortunately. I feel a lot could be done to unrestrict certain RP from paywalls, though. There's just a lot of things you can't realistically do without donating, like owning businesses that inherently need /bad to work (clubs, dealerships, garages...) to get that icon on the map, or to furnish a property properly (which is also a need for businesses). As a result, the whole business scene is not a dynamic as it could be, and the whole RP surrounding them is rather limited when you can't develop your business due to OOC restrictions, just because you can't pay 15-25€ a month for the sake of a couple perks that are absolutely a need for most businesses.


I know these restrictions affecting businesses are the main source of income for the server, but the could be crafted differently by adding certain other new features and leave a basic version for the non-paying, loyal players of the server. Consider for example, business ads: there could be some automation added for platinum or gold, that allows the property manage to not be there, but actually automate part of the ads, but allow /bad for every 30 mins for regular owners. It's already expensive and choresome enough to run a business in-game; reduce character slots down to 2 by default (which, while it restricts certain creativity on the player side, allows for the more in-depth development of the existing slots...).


Other cosmetic features should remain behind a paywall, like pets and the like. That's perfectly fine. Maybe players could be involved in the revamp process to see what non-donors would be willing to give away in exchange to unlimit certain features that actually restrict some RP concepts for non-payers.

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It seems extremely counter intuitive that business owners, who are essentially Creators of events / roleplay for their many customers (who then get RP fed to them), are the ones who have to pay to advertise it.



The same is true for mappers - People who create some of the nicest interiors the server has to offer have had to pay for the privilege to do so - Imagine how many developers we would have if the dev team was told it had to pay to add a new feature to the game.


If anything, both the above people should be rewarded - it just feels odd the status quo is that they are having to pay to do the server, a service.

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Hate it. Needs a total revamp, you shouldn't have to donate for walkstyles or for mapping slots or for a blip just to advertise your business as open, that should be available to all players. There's a better way. Current system is designed to prioritise monetary gain which to some extent is understandable given sever costs, but I think you could still make money through donations and not have so many features locked behind a paywall.

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34 minutes ago, pateuvasiliu said:

Not a fan of not being able to have a pet or buy new furniture/change the time inside my property without donator status.

It's a small token that supports a server that provides the ability for you to play on? 


It's literally needed otherwise none of ya'll would be here. 

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