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Prohibit registration of new (M) Minor characters or tighten restrictions regarding their portrayal

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i think some of yall need to understand better what leads to the players to behave a certain way with their characters. to sum it up the trauma they endure makes them behave a certain way and seem normalize . they think it’s normal to act the way they act. if you skip to 1:36 he explains it well in the interview 


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1. Limit the part minors can play in criminal organizations.

- I highly support this suggestion, I recall back when Rancho existed there was literally 16 year olds that were leading an entire Sureno gang which is ultimately stupid and never would happen in real life as they would be "peewees" (a subfaction of the actual gang), similar to all other gangs around California, you won't see a 16 year old running a Norteno gang, Sureno gang, or any other blood / crip gang. 


2. Limit the number of allowed minor characters present at the server, so that new ones can't be registered once a certain quota is fulfilled.

- Sorry can't agree with this, we need youth around the server and I rarely see any outside of Strawberry / Davis


3. Introduce a limitation on how many minor characters illegal factions can have.

- Don't support this as well, most gang members start off as young kids, minors etc, and are used by the higher ranking gang members to put in work etc. 


4. Introduce applications for minor characters which will be reviewed before registration.

- Sorry no thank you, too much effort for those that want to roleplay a minor, I don't have a minor character although I can see how this would impose an issue.


5. Remove the ability to register new minor characters altogether. 

- No thanks. 

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