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Do you think we'll see a decline in playerbase with all the new ragemp text-based rp servers?

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I am actually not that gung-ho about GTA roleplay, so I highly doubt I be venturing forth to any other server. Yet I can see, that people will probably try also other alternatives. It's just how it works. Also you are bound to find more banned players there.

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It depends. Other servers are seriously going to have to play ball if they have any intention of properly stacking up against GTA World. This server basically has a monopoly on text-based GTA RP servers at the moment. Although, I will say that I'm intrigued by Liberty City Roleplay and I'll likely try that server when it launches.

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GTA:World will probably never see a proper, populated counterpart. Every time someone has tried to make one, it hasn't taken off. LS:RP, even if it gets a solid playerbase, can't hope to compete with GTA:World's already firmly established four year stranglehold on english text-rp servers. The only way I see LS:RP becoming a real, solid alternative to GTA:World is if they make radical changes to the map and to their scripts. Otherwise, it'll just be an alternative for people who are bored of or banned from GTA:W.


There is LCRP, which may take off simply because it's a totally different map and experience. But even then, it won't be able to compete with GTA:World in terms of playercount initially.


Sucks, but it's the truth.

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