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Do you think we'll see a decline in playerbase with all the new ragemp text-based rp servers?

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I think we will absolutely see a decline in playerbase, but I am very not sure how big it will be.  

EDIT: Either way, I am glad I was part of those nights in summer 2021 with 900+ players daily.

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32 minutes ago, BINGBONGGHOST said:

Honestly more excited to see what LCRP does compared to LSRP, Los Santos feels a little stale so I wouldn't mind some NYC-based RP in Liberty City.


If I was going to try anything new it'd be LCRP.


rage is barely stable with custom mapped interiors and you expect a whole custom city to work? ok m8

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The server is facing a dilemma at the moment: cater to the whiny contingent of second life RPers who are never happy and use this place to replace a social life, or the people involved in the gang/OCG scenes who are actually interested in roleplaying. We'll see what the changes will be, but honestly what is most likely going to happen is most of the illegal community moves if there's safe-zones introduced/further changes to benefit the group of 'roleplayers' who really would just be happier ERPing in their discord groups than playing on the server. We all know the type, the snowflake character perpetual whiners who sit all day with their mentally ill Facebrowser model characters crying on the forums about that time they got robbed in Davis when they turned up on the block with their sports car. 

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Decline or not there will be a strong member base and ultimately GTA:W has set up the foundations and is at the moment stable. Whereas these new up and coming servers have potential to drop real quick. Best of luck to LS:RP but it's not going to be the same as the SAMP days is it. 


Like others say maybe a bit of competition will result in tonnes of new and exciting updates 🙂

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Good luck to LSRP. Although I really don't see anything real new to GTAW.

It's in Los Santos and its county. GTAW already has that.

Has similar scripts - I assume. GTAW has that.

It has some features GTAW don't have, that's true. But they are only... 6 features? Compared to GTAW's, idk, 100 features?


Competition is gonna be good. Looking forward to how it goes but I see no reason to leave GTAW over a new server that has no confirmed average playerbase and the script looks barebones judging by their snippets whilst showing new features.

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Sensitive topic. My only issue with moving to LSRP long term would be the issue of people who’ve been banned for serious offences being given another place to harbour.


There’s going to be positives and negatives of each server, some servers focus on different aspects and some focus on different rules, structures and policies which mean problems that might exist in GTAW won’t exist elsewhere because the foundation was there from the start. Saying that — wherever you end up, it shouldn’t be about a competition, we’re all here to enjoy something we find fun.


Excited to see what comes for the future of text based RP.

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No clue, I'm in a "we'll see!" kinda mode. It will probably create a dip in the playerbase. Maybe temporary, maybe not. Truth is, it will be interesting to see the proper effects. 


Best case? I've looked at some of the Discords of those other communities, there I saw a lot of players who were banned from GTAW, and many of them made the server REALLY awful sometimes :x I'm talking bug abusers who painted themselves as white knights, unironical alt-righters who harassed women off the server, flat-out trolls who derailed every single suggestion thread for shits and giggles and then laughed about it on Discord, experts in poor and racist portrayal of gangs who somehow insisted they were top-tier RP'ers, ...

If those guys attract like-minded people away from GTAW and on their new servers... that dip in playerbase may end up being a good thing overall ^^' 


Worst case? There's a permanent dip in the population, but... first is, we have 600-700 players online right now in the evening, most of us won't even notice the dip because "only 500" would still be quite a fair few people online. And in addition to that, it might encourage some different improvements that have been mentioned around for a while now (such as the "streets empty" problem and civilian RP). So, why not after all? 


Either way, it's not that bad 🙂 

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