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Do you think we'll see a decline in playerbase with all the new ragemp text-based rp servers?

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I am trilingual, I have seen new servers for ragemp text rp in the works for all 3 languages I speak, and they've gained quite some traction too, sometimes I recognize gtaw usernames in their discord servers. 


I don't know if you've noticed this trend, but at least you'll surely know about lsrp migrating to ragemp. 


Do you believe these new servers will cause a significant and long-lasting drop in our playerbase? 


I for one, am positive we will not see such drop, since tons of players are already established here, I think we'll see some drops when these servers launch, but that's about it, the ragemp rp community is big enough for all of us. What do you guys think? 

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I honestly don't know about LS-RP. I had a pretty strong feeling about Owl Gaming, considering their history and reputation, and that surprisingly ended up being a massive fail. LS-RP looks great so far, but it might as well be a flop. I guess only time will tell. Their scripts so far look amazing, but LS-RP had some pretty damn big issues that I was glad to not find on GTA World, and it seems that some of them are migrating. Also the fact that they announced a release date and postponed it by almost one year is a pretty big sign that something's not right. If they play their cards right, though, it could work out for them.


Regarding other servers? I've also seen a few pop up, but the vast majority of them are in development (which I find super funny, seeing how many such servers have popped up and been in development for years without a single one actually releasing). LS-RP might have a shot but I don't know about others. Maybe if someone nails everything on the head, including every single thing that GTA World does poorly, and is lucky enough, and has the time, the money and the passion, and also manages to attract some players and reliable staff members and a lot more ifs... maybe.


All in all, I don't think that GTA World will suffer much from this. Maybe in the beginning but it's quite impossible for any of these other servers to reach the level of complexity, quality and develpoment that GTA World managed to do, over 5 years and hundreds of thousands of players (and who knows how many millions of hours played in total). If anything, more competition doesn't hurt - it stimulates progress and brings more people around. Time will tell!

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More choice is good, but seems like everyone just follows the same recipe anyway.  The only differentiators will be quality of RP and quality of staff.  I don't actually think script quality or quantity makes that much difference to how good a server is, it's kinda superficial.

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Loss of players or not, I'd love to see GTAW with some proper competition again.


The last time GTAW was faced with actual decent competition we had some of the most substantial updates added for your average player, not systems exclusive to factions 95% of the playerbase will never touch.

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Best way the server could avoid migration purely based on nostalgia of their old community is for Nervous to have acknowledged the development of these servers, and kept some big updates ready to counteract the hype with his own.

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GTAW has the advantage of being years ahead development wise, so I don't think we'll see a massive decline in players as Nervous does hold a pretty good monopoly over text based RP on Rage right now.


The important thing to remember is a large part of these communities are made up of GTAW players that were outcast or banned - you only have to look at their Discords to see that the thought is more centered around, "Fuck GTAW" and not actually caring about building up their new community. 


Does GTAW have glaring issues? Yes. A gaming community is never going to be perfect when you have so many different people from different walks of life, religion, race, culture, sexuality, gender - but GTAW wasn't founded on a structure of "Fuck GTAW" that a lot of these communities are. 


One of these communities is a ticking time-bomb for a DMCA and I feel sorry for the people putting time and effort in there if they can't see the inevitable.


Competition is good and healthy. GTAW has the advantage and playerbase to continue on without much of a worry. 

It's like World of Warcraft - people spend years with their characters, making friends and connections, and leaving it behind isn't easy.


The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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I for one hope the LS:RP release goes wonderfully well.


Good times create weak people, weak people create bad times.


Bad times create strong people, strong people create good times.


The staleness in the scene of the community at large has started to show. People in places of power have felt far too comfortable far too long with their actions and places due to the lack of proper competition.


I think this would mutually help every server involved by creating diversity.


Imagine you're playing a game and you have all you wanted from the start. The fun in the game is the path to greatness and the effort put into improvement - which is what this server needs right now to continue thriving the way it did back in 2018/2019, it needs times of struggle - and what best way to cause struggle without loss than with an upcoming well known community to start competition?

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Competition usually means you'll have to improve and be better than others unless you want to risk losing your own playerbase. If they fail to do so, they'll lose them, definitely.

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I think what you'll see a lot of is people getting pissed off something happens over here and they say "Fine, we'll go play on this server, with blackjack and hookers."


You'll see a lot of people who are constant trouble makers or people who are constantly angry at the admin team for whatever reason be the first to go permanently. Good.


I think you'll see a lot of people go over for a week or two, maybe even a month to just try it out.


And with LS:RP, I think you'll have people that go over just to try and recreate that nostalgia. And it'll be the same people who came to this server and instantly tried to make it like LS:RP by saying, "Well on LS:RP, it was this way, and blah blah blah." And one of two things will happen with them. They'll keep chasing that nostalgia, never quite get it, but be too entrenched over there to come back and probably lose their houses over here, and be mad about it and not come back. Or they'll get over there and be like "Well, it's just not the same, and I've already been playing X character for Y months on GTA:W. I've come too far to not see a conclusion." and come back.


Personally? I think it's great to have other options. Being the only game in town, which is what GTA:W has been for a long time, too long really - has the server in a position where the people in charge can rest on their laurels and put out half assed, not well thought out content that doesn't really provide it's players with much. Or caters to a very niche minority because the content put out was a passion project. I think that goes away in a large degree. Hopefully what will happen is, it strengthens the quality of content, the quality of staff, and overall benefits the server as a whole.

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Honestly more excited to see what LCRP does compared to LSRP, Los Santos feels a little stale so I wouldn't mind some NYC-based RP in Liberty City.


If I was going to try anything new it'd be LCRP.

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