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[Need Admin & Player Suggestion]

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Okay so yesterday Night on GTA:W it was raining, i was at the LTD gas station near Grove Street. Due to the rain many players including me and other people around our games we're glitching out.

Now my question is if i had a long time feud with someone and they killed me and I couldn't see when they shot/killed my character would i accept this or VOID it? i'll show the clips and let me know what I should do


Store Clerk Perspective: https://streamable.com/ft9k3z


My perspective(Dayvon Miller): https://streamable.com/c2aa7m

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You can't void it yourself unless an administrator decides to do it. You'll have to go along with it.


It was a PK, though. Not a character kill. You can only be CKed if you choose to do so, or if said person has an accepted CK application for your character (but I assume that since you weren't CKed, they didn't).

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