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What is your opinion on the state of the server currently?


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Overall I think the state of the server is pretty good

Staff in my opinion are lightyears better than they used to years ago, communication still sucks a lot of the time tho. I find repeatedly on this server quite a few staff members if they cant help thats the end of that, you get little help contacting someone who can help you (if they replied anyway). When you do find that staff member tho they go above and beyond, these people likely get spammed a lot all day every day. 


As for all legal RPers being ERPers I do think this is a good topic to mention but I dont agree with many points that were made so far. I am very much into legal RP and do not ERP and I am really not interested in doing so.

I bring this up because there are TONS of people on this server who it feels like their one and only goal is to get an IC girlfriend and ERP. I hate these people they spend weeks creeping on you then get super angry when you finally tell them as blunt as you can nothings gonna ever happen youre not interested. Then things often even go OOC looking for reasons why you wont ERP with their character sometikes even getting aggressive. "I am not interested" should be reason enough lol. 

Someone actually said to me the other day Oh yeah you used to blueball my character ages ago

No... I tried to be friends with this character, i repeatedly turned down his flirting because I was not interested. He creeped on me despite this because apparently saying no im not interested or turning down every "date" youve ever asked for is playing hard to get. 

And in my experience these creeps are more often illegal RPers, not legal. Although you do get both

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1 hour ago, Fancy Toothpaste said:

Part of what I've noticed is administration bases punishments off of a few variables: Severity of the offense, number of similar recorded offenses, length of time since last recorded offense, length of time spent on the server, and general attitude during the report. These are difficult variables to codify, and it ignores how different situations with similar offenses may be. Deathmatching someone within your own faction because of a miscommunication is not the same as shooting a random person on the street in the face for no reason. Both are filed as the same offense.


This is why the rules offer admins wide discretion when it comes to interpreting rulebreaks and punishments. It does sometimes feel, however, that there are natural inconsistencies within the dispositions of admins and their interpretations, and that reports can often feel like "the luck of the draw" depending on which admin accepts it.


What could help this is a publically posted minimal punishment for admins to follow; still allowing for administration to push for harsher punishments for more agredious offenses. With that said, the way admins handle situations is designed to give them discrepancy for a reason: the possible variety in roleplay and motivations behind offenses makes it impossible to treat every report the same.

I actually agree with Zaxer. Personally, I've never found myself breaking rules unless I really wanted too, which ended up in a serious warning and I completely own up to it and take full responsibility. 
I don't believe in what you said in your 2nd sentence about how they treat each case. Rulebreak is rulebreak, it's rarely unintentional, and if it's unintentional they should not be playing on the server to begin with as they clearly don't understand the rules. So ye, double standards are a serious problem to the point I can even call it "multiple standards".
I've said this before and will say it again, lay down the rules and the exact punishment for it. 

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I never rp'd fear and nobody ever cared. Why? Cause they only complain if something doesn't go their way. The biggest issue still stands unnoticed.

Creating an avatar, buying a car and getting a gun...is not really roleplay. It becomes roleplay, once people start telling stories, through their characters.

But gritting teeth oocly and glaring at the screen, just because someone dared to tell a teen character off, then pulling a gun looking for an excuse to shoot?

Is not roleplay either. There are still stupid selfinserts.

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From here, it's in a much better state than it was a couple of years ago. While some may remember the nice things, there were also pretty big damning problems, including a much worse economy, extremely severe OOC problems and harassment issues, cliques of metagamers who evaded admin attention, and more. 


There's still a lot to fix though. Most of them were mentioned before, I'd add one though! It's not a deadly sin, but... Quite a few characters have a specific set of cultures. However, the players don't seem to have delved into those cultures much, or at all, and as a consequence their characters feel a bit weird.


Like for example, someone makes a New Yorker. I won't, as a player, expect them to know every single sandwich joint in Queens, that would be stupid. But when a supposedly New Yorker character doesn't know where Bronx is, and doesn't know what "a lotta cheese" means, it's a bit odd. 

Similarly, if your character's from a sort of metal subculture and they only know Metallica, it's kind of awkward. Same goes for weed-bros who don't know what Indica is. Again, I'm not saying they should know weird goregrind bands, or every single type of Sativa, but at least the very basics.

A final one, the gay culture in LS is also fucking weird. You meet gay characters who don't have a sliver of knowledge of the gay subculture, and trans characters who don't even know what "breaking the egg" means even though that's the most basic of basic. 


Now of course it can happen, I'm not saying it shouldn't! It would be like making an american character who is supposed to know about american culture, and yet, has never heard of Star Wars in their life. Sure, it DOES happen ^^ But it's supposed to be the exception - and in LS, it's more often the norm :x It's not horribly immersion breaking, but it's something that could be easily fixed by a very strict minimum of documentation ^^' 

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Every illegal roleplayer, even most legal roleplayers have guns which is a big issue in my opnion. Although we aren't California, the population that has firearms here is VERY low. I'm not sure of how the supplier system works for illegal roleplayers although it seems almost every illegal roleplayer has a gun which makes everything about gunfights, stealing guns, etc. It's almost become accustomed to be a "looter" for illegal roleplayers pretty much on a Rust based level. I think there needs to be less firearms for realism purposes overall, CCW's are too easily given out as well and in my honest opinion really shouldn't exist unless unless you do some type of government work / are an armed guard as they're nearly impossible to get in ANY city here in California unless you work that type of work. (cannabis dispensary security guards, armed money transport, governemnt/police work, etc.). I don't have a PF or a CCW or a GC and I used to have all of them, although due to my characters portrayal I deny to get one. Overall the roleplay quality would be much better in my honest opinion if there was less firearms and less looting. 

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I'll just say as someone who has been in serious roleplays across a lot of different games (Arma, Gmod etc.) this is one of the most OOC based roleplay servers I have ever been in, despite this server's weird obsession with witchhunting people for "bad roleplay" and "dealing out of character" almost the entirety of the server is based on OOC cliques / connections and deals. The elephant in the room no one wants to talk about is that this romanticized ideal of going into a bar, having a drink with a guy, and then through conversation buying illegal items or joining some gang or organization is completely bullshit.


First of all, if you even ATTEMPT to discuss illegal activity, despite your character being brazenly a criminal themselves, you will almost always get told to fuck off by people UNLESS you join their discord and give them CK permissions. It's only then you're treated as one of the various "locals" or "associates" and you essentially have to follow what is most likely a group of OOC Discord Play-To-Winners around, as usually one of them is a supplier. I find it comical that a server that tries to work so hard on its roleplay basis obtaining guns and drugs through an OOC process, which usually results in an OOC clique going around and picking on people attempting to join their faction because they applied for a role OOCly. Sure, there's the exception here and there, I have bought some drugs on some characters in the past, but the majority response to you attempting to roleplay is a prompt Ay cuh bro blud run yo pockets hur dur. 


Driving around I don't see roleplay. I see cops and robbers, and the fact there's really 0 ways to legally earn money as a citizen goes to show. There's also no crimes to be committed except drugs and selling guns, so it's obvious the only thing crims will be interested in is murder.


but thats just my perspective as a noob of 6 or 7 months now. 

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10 minutes ago, Salty said:

I'd enjoy it more if cops were held accountable for their actions and not shooting teenagers with carbine rifles.

Then take it IC and report it via the media and internal affairs.


How they gonna get caught if no-one ever reports it.


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15 minutes ago, Salty said:

I'd enjoy it more if cops were held accountable for their actions and not shooting teenagers with carbine rifles.

It's easy, teen characters stop shooting at them or flashing guns at every occasion and cops will not shoot back that often.

With that amount of murders per block, whole city would have been cordoned off by now.

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1 hour ago, Salty said:

I'd enjoy it more if cops were held accountable for their actions and not shooting teenagers with carbine rifles.

I'd enjoy it if teenagers were held more accountable for.... anything.

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