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[4SALE] Ubermacht Cypher (Not Hatchback)!

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Hello! I'm selling my Ubermacht Cypher for personal reasons.

-Good condition. 

-Aftermarket parts installed.

-All the available security installed besides the GPS.

-Decently customized to make it look sport and luxury.

-Personalize plate that matches the style of the vehicle. "2D3M0N1C" - Too Demonic.

-All the papers up to date. (Registered and Insured)


*attached photos of the vehicle*







I'm looking for $180,000.00 or better offer.

(Not less than $170,000.00)


Interested? Call me or SMS at: 1829

((Forum PM or Discord Medusa#8008))


((OOC Stats /vstats))


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