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If you wish to order an item that is not visible in our catalogue, please send in a request to [email protected]! Or alternatively you can use our quick-chat function on our website! ((DM Moss#3568 on discord or forum PM Moss221))

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*Username: Audrey Durant

*Verified Customer Yes

  Product: Razor Blade 15 Gaming Series.

*Product Rating 10/10.

*Service Rating 10/10.

  Comment: What I assume is the owner of the store was very polite and took the time to explain the product to me even though I wasn't much into high-end laptops as I own a lower-end one, I had bought the Razor Blade 15 for a gift. Definitely go there if you're looking for something of high quality! 🙂 Prices are really affordable, too.

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*Username: Iz.

*Verified Customer Yes

  Product: Acer Aspire 3.

*Product Rating 10/10.

*Service Rating 9/10.

  Comment: Really nice people who took their time to talk about the product they were selling even thought it did cost alot of money. Also asking way to much about what I was using the laptop for but its okay. I guess that's custom service. They only get a 9 on the service rating cause they used so long to go to the backroom to get the laptop for me and I was being in a rush. Also didn't wanna sell me the retro machine which I really wanted 😭

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