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"Some people steal to stay alive, and some steal to feel alive." - V.E. Shwab


- Early Days -

Demetrius Floyd was born and raised in South Central, specifically on 59th street of Crenshaw Boulevard. He was at a young age caught up in the violence and was eventually introduced to local gang members of the "Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips".

Demetrius was eventually put on the clique so called "Dime Blocc", a subset of the Rollin 60's. He was never really given a special "hood-name" and stuck with his alias "Dee".

He viewed them rather as a second-family than a street-gang due to the lack of proper love by his parents. He stayed up late night, hanging out with his local friends and flipping rocks on the corner of Western Boulevard to make some spare money.

Throughout his teens, Demetrius was a big prospect for the gang. The older members took advantage of him to commit larger crimes such as armed robberies and even worst case scenarios, murders. At the age of 18, he had already seen the most of it. His bestfriend being shot, mother crying late nights and bodies dropping.

- Jail Time -


An investigation was launched right after the armed robbery on the Rockford Casino. Demetrius was the top suspect. His face was soon all over the news and a warrant was put out on him.

On the 22nd of June 2015, Demetrius would be arrested on multiple felony charges. One of them being Armed Robbery. It was his first time being locked up, so the judge gave him the benefit of the doubt. He went on to serve 6 years in Federal Prison and was eventually released on October 15th 2021, on good behaviour. Demetrius had been expecting to make a comeback to the Rollin 60s. Fortunately for Demetrius, his clique was wiped out just months before his release date after a federal RICO indictment, seizing over twenty people.


- Joining Illegal Organization -

Demetrius used to write during his time in prison, he wrote on the walls before the guards gave him a diary where he wrote everything he saw in a day. 

During the 6 years of Demetrius being locked inside, he had to stick with his own race, the blacks. He was not given parole, nor did any of his "friends" come visit him. He'd sit for hours at the black table, playing cards and betting money with his own race. He had to program with them during yard time and was well treated by the black inmates. One of the inmates took Demetrius under his wing, seeing as they both were from Rollin 60s. His name was Jordan "JC" Chambers. JC was released a year earlier than Demetrius. He was given a phone number by JC, told him to call it once he was released, and so he did. Demetrius was released on October 15th 2021. He was given his phone back, he took one look at it before making the phone call. 

A few weeks later, Demetrius started already making more money than ever before, selling guns to street gangs down south. He was expanding his connection in no time, creating friendships that would be important for the future.

- Current Life -

Today, Demetrius is 26 years old. He has been expanding his illegal organisation outside of just South Central. Today, police believe that Demetrius is connected to more than three large and infamous organized crime groups.


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Demetrius has just been released out of the county after serving a 6 year sentence, the streets look different and he's went from being somebody, to being a nobody. He calls his old friend Lucky to catch up with what he's missed.


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