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IC Info
Starting Bid: $120,000

The unit is classified as an "Urban-Apartment", trending within today's real-estate industry. It consists of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space, and washer/dryer area, with all basic utilities accessible. The Melanoma apartment complex is situated within a one-minute walking distance to Vespucci beach, alongside with numerous bars, restaurants, gymnasiums, stores, and other venues. Parking is available to all units within the building, but is classified as a "shared amenity" at a "first come, first serve" basis. The building comes with a lobby, consisting of two vending machines, alongside with two access/exit points. 


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6 hours ago, Jordan said:

Would you take $150,000 right now?

Only as a bid, and you'd have to wait 24 hours until the bid is accepted, after your post.

So, 18 hours from now.

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2 hours ago, Jordan said:

Not interested in bids. 

Then, no. The stipulations are in the original advertisement. You would have the apartment in 5 hours if it was a bid. Since it is not a bid? It is not happening.

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