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Difference in Gauntlets

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On 1/8/2022 at 2:54 AM, 18Cowboys said:

I see there are 3 types of Gauntlets available in game


V6 https://imgur.com/ozciiJQ

A/C https://imgur.com/Vdzae3W

Hellfire https://imgur.com/Vdzae3W


What are the differences? Just different speed adjustments?




There are actually 6 different Gauntlets available.

I believe the order below lists them in increasing 'performance', broadly commenting on acceleration and speed and not on handling.

  • Gauntlet V6
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet Classic
  • Gauntlet Classic Custom
  • Gauntlet A/C
  • Gauntlet Hellfire


The ones you listed are all variations of the Hellfire. The V6 and A/C are modded vehicles, basically normalizing the appearance compared to the Hellfire. The V6 and the A/C, to my knowledge, being identical in visual appearance, except perhaps the badging. The A/C should have quite an improved performance over the V6. The handling might be different as well, but you might wish to test this yourself.



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