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[UCP] View available leases at any time

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I believe this was discussed before with one of the Property Management administrators, but I'll add it here again since it might have been forgotten or something.


Allow available leases to be visible at any time.


I get that you want to decide on a request schedule, but at least allow players to browse the available leases, vehicles as well as businesses. Sometimes players just want to get some inspiration, see what is available and decide on a path forward with their characters. They might be able to prepare their applications for when they're allowed to be submitted, but now everything comes down to these few days when you're able to see what is available. This can be improved upon.

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Couldn't agree more. Nothing's more frustrating than planning out your ideal dream business for the next set of leases and then come to find out they're not available.

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On 1/6/2022 at 8:34 PM, Mahitto said:

What would be even better would be to be able to not only view them but rather have the option to fill out the applications and save them as drafts.



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