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LS Mail megathread

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I'd personally love the ability for an API to tie in the forums to the mail system so if you send it to [email protected] on gtaw, it sends it to his ls.mail instead. This may be quite difficult to program but its something that would be lovely. 


Same with official faction forums.


I'd also like a better UI design cuz the current one when typing a long message without doing

it just cuts off and you have to get a bigger screen or copy it all and post it in notepad.

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10 hours ago, Kappaurel said:

Is LS Mail even being used / being used that much? This is an honest question, I have not seen anyone mention it in game or use it, I'd be surprised (happily surprised!) if people was using it, so seeing this thread I was wondering if maybe it is actually used?

My character is a client of Gruppe 6 and they forced me to use it. Invoices are sent there, but apart from that i never use it and won't be using it until more essential features are added.

I've noticed that G6 sends a message to me on discord every time I have an unread email, implying that no one ever logs on to their account to check for messages. So currently it's more of a cool gimmick we can brag about to players of other RP servers but it's not helping us RP at all.

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