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[4SALE] Karin Intruder | Cheval Picador | Willard Faction

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1. Karin Intruder


The stylish sedan is first on our small list of vehicles to be sold of. This four door vehicle has maybe the most miles of all the vehicles on our list but it sure doesn't lack the style for it's miles. With just a bit over 440 miles this walking bunker will have you feeling like you're on a cruise ship and not a car. Vehicle has insurance for four more days but it's insurance is rather cheep when taken on a monthly base.



Price: 40,000$

Dealership Price: 55,000$


2. Cheval Picador


The bodybuilder pickup of our Sandy Shores this little rascal packs a heck of a punch and a heck of a carry weight that would even put his bigger brothers to shame. This light pickup is the smallest one but also the most loudest of the bunch with enough exhaust power to wake up an entire blocks of people. He's completely dealership equipment with no aftermarket parts of any kind. Basically what you see is what you get.



Price: 16,000$

Dealership Price: 26,400$


3.Willard Faction.


The fastest of the bunch this little rascal has quite the power under it's tiny little hood. This vehicle is insured till the end of January and it's so young on the road that it only has 141 miles on his clock. However with some minor aftermarket parts this bullet is ready for anything. The color of metalic sea green just give it a unique look from the rest of the bunch.



Price: 19,000$

Dealership Price: 27,600$



((/vstats of all the vehicles))









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