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[SOLD, L&A] 1119 Imagination Ct - Two Story Vespucci Canals Home W/ Garage

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Starting Bid: $775K

Buyout: $1,340,627

Market Price: $220k

Furniture worth: $240627

Include Name, Number and email in your bid.

((I will not sell this house to anyone with intentions to hoard it for 6 months and then resell it for profit, to bid on this house please email me your characters occupation, age and why you want this house. I want to give it to someone who will utilize it for roleplay properly))

* Bids will not count unless I receive a OOC forum pm with the information listed *

Bidding will end when I move into my new home, which should be in a few days, just because someone bids buyout does not mean I will give the home to them it will depend on the above.


This home includes; A cozy living area, two balconies (one canal view), a two car garage (can be converted into a bedroom if needed), two bedrooms of decent size, one bathroom, one workout room and a full kitchen. ((Smart Tp's are set up for both balconies and the side door))



Full House interior + pinfo

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