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[SOLD] - Paragon R ** Must see **

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For sale is my Paragon R, drive to your nearest Burger Shot fast but also in style!


Sick of driving your dads car to pick up chicks? Or maybe you've made so much money from all the posts on QuickDate?


Look no further!


Vehicle comes with extensive Enus packages, both performance boosting parts and security features for that added security to stop your ex breaking in.


650 miles on the odometer, no need for breakdown services for a long time! 


Starting price: $250,000

Buy-out price: $400,000


Please bid in increments of $5,000 minimum.




(( OOC Stats ))





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5 minutes ago, ThatShadyGuy said:


Acknowledged as the leading highest bidder!


(( Forgot to add an increment, but we will go with 5K to keep it fair, since you bid this much already. ))

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