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What features would you want in the game that would really enhance roleplay?

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1 hour ago, BINGBONGGHOST said:

Update. The. Damn. Mask. Menu.


Why add a ton of masks/beards with the 1.1 clothing pack if you can't even use half of them.

100% this. 


I'd like multiple glasses to be able to equipped or changed on the fly. Much like the /vest command, with /glasses you can go from reading speccies to sunglasses without the need to change a whole outfit.

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5 hours ago, Koko said:

More clothing mods.


Facilitate the process of acquiring and running a business, particularly a small business.


Revamp the PK system in some way (not necessarily encouraging more CKs) to avoid people throwing themselves into gunfights constantly and playing as videogame characters, and to stop PKs from being literally the best solution to any rivalry.


Taxes have all really just disappeared. Being rich in this server makes your average character peak and stagnate, having nothing to spend money on and no need to make additional money. Cut off unemployment checks the moment someone breaks over 1mil and start taxing them again so people have to stay active to stay rich.


Add incentives to taking drugs beyond the HP boost (which only encourages its use among violent characters):


Have weed and depressant substances reduce /startshift length to 30 mins as you space out through your shift. Make stimulants generate more money from /startshift to represent bursts of productivity. As tolerance builds you need more of the substance to get the buff, or take some time off the drug to reduce your tolerance (which will give you a debuff).


I love these. All of them.


Regarding the last one, I think that incorporating drug effects into other systems like that would be an amazing thing to see and do. I don't personally benefit from the $4,000/hour bonus but I know a lot of people do and would like to see that. It would also bring the drug market to life like it's never been before. Please put this in a suggestion.


The only downside I can see is some people simply buying these drugs, doing /useitem and reaping the script rewards without actually role-playing it. However, if their /examine is modified too and it gets to be monitored, it'd be awesome.


What I'd like to see is a complete overhaul of the economy. It's literally the most important aspect on the server, impacts absolutely everyone in major ways and is being massively overlooked. Revise the prices of vehicles, properties, salaries, items, add taxes, make it much harder to have and keep assets and wealth. We need more regular people with regular issues. Implement some actual economic policies to regulate wealth and inflation, tax people appropriately, use the tax money to fund IC stuff etc. It's such a major aspect of the server that's unfortunately not getting almost any attention.

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28 minutes ago, Mahitto said:

The only downside I can see is some people simply buying these drugs, doing /useitem and reaping the script rewards without actually role-playing it. However, if their /examine is modified too and it gets to be monitored, it'd be awesome


Examine already displays signs of drug use so that's already implemented, and failure to RP the effects is just powergame. This also gives people a chance to use cocaine properly, and not as some berserker drug.

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Adjust vehicle modification, check-up and maintenance prices according to the car's value. Make it so that /vp and /vg would not repair your car unless you have insurance. We need to make sure that the upkeep of high-end cars is also high-end, way too many sportscars around.

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Taking cars apart, stereo, headlights, rims, etc.
Better breaking in cars system n' lock picking
More visual affects from various drugs, I want mushrooms and LSD to fuck my shit up, not wobble my screen left and right

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On 1/4/2022 at 1:23 PM, Stanty said:

Improve the addiction system. Make it harsher and less forgiving. Add more disadvantages and negative effects during the withdrawal period.


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14 minutes ago, Wasloos said:

A city full of adults? Yeah, nah.


A city with every minor being deeply involved in gang activity and the majority of them being 6'3 and above with no emotions and a body count larger than my monthly salary is just as bad. You would trade off one issue for another by having a server / population without minors which is not as uncommon amongst roleplay communities.

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