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On 1/28/2022 at 5:31 PM, nelsondx said:


I'm sorry this will sound bad but I can tell you 8/10 the homicides that take place in GTAW are not worthy of investigation due to no leads or no evidence to begin the search. I personally do not like to handle homicides very much due to it, and the fact many victims/suspects are not exactly honest or forthcoming. However, about the homicide, Icly detectives are to contain the crime scene as much as possible, not have people lurk around etc etc, ie: establish a perimeter. You will be told to back off IC out of the perimeter where the homicide took place, indeed, but not back off from the scene surely? Otherwise that'd be a little dumb indeed.

Maybe because everything gets voided because being a dumb criminal in-character is an ajailable thing. staff is too quick to punish over things that are in character, but it takes away roleplay from everybody, even the cops. i seen so many situations where illegal factions get investigated, and then it gets turned into a back and forth report war, and that'll put everyone off from investigating crime. 

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