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Bugstars - Los Santos

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Got any pesky pests or rodents causing trouble? Have no fear, Bugstars is here!


Servicing the entire state of San Andreas, we offer professional pest control services at affordable prices, our services include:



Property Fumigation




For when the infestation has spread too far, we can fumigate part or the entirety of your property.


The process starts with a full inspection of your home, if we come to an agreement that a fumigation is needed, we clear out any plants / pets / people from the areas being fumigated and cover any sensitive furniture. Gas canisters are then spread across the rooms with possibly extra canisters being placed near sources of the infestations. One or multiple tarps will then be used to seal up the property and allow the gas to spread across everywhere.


Over three days the gas will spread, kill the pests and any eggs they have laid, and dissolved without issue. After the three days are up, Bugstars will come and clean up the property so it's ready for you again. If you have no-where to stay, Bugstars will help find you a place to stay during the three days*

*Subject to local availability, we offer up to $150 a day per person depending on the nearest motel.


Explor-A-Scope inspection


Explor-a-scope is a device used to detect termite infestation in the interior walls of a structure. It is used after an agreement has been made with the customer for local treatment vs. tent fumigation. The detection process begins when the inspector finds evidence of termites leading into inaccessible areas. The next step is to drill a small hole into the wall. The fiber optic explor-a-scope is entered into this small hole for an inside view of the area. The explor-a-scope is plugged into household current, and projects light into the dark wall voids allowing us to see full color and pinpoint the infestation for treatment. Bugstars was the first company to use the explor-a-scope, it’s now a worldwide method used for detecting termites.


Blizzard System treatment


The Blizzard System uses super cooled liquid nitrogen to freeze drywood termites, by reducing the temperature of the drywood termite infested areas to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. We drill small holes in wall voids of infested walls and patch holes after treatment. We offer a two year guarantee, a complimentary one year re- inspection and extended warrantees when the initial guarantee expires.


Termidor (Fipronil) extermination liquid / Spray


Termidor is used as liquid bait for drywood termites attacking your building. Termidor’s transfer effect allows the bait to be transferred from one termite to the next as they touch. The active ingredient (Fipronil) has been more exhaustively tested than any termiticide in history. Fipronil is found in flea and tick products for animals. We offer a two year guarantee, a complimentary one year re- inspection and extended warrantees when the initial guarantee expires.


For ant infestations we offer Termidor as a spray.


Bait Trap (Rodents)



Amazon.com : JGRZF Quality Rat Trap, Humane Live Animal Mouse Cage Traps,  Catch and Release Mice, Rats,Chipmunk, Pests, Rodents and Similar Sized  Pests for Indoor and Outdoor, 10.6 X 5.63 X 4.33


A non-lethal solution to catching rats and other rodents.


Poison Trap (Rodents)


PestFix Bullet Rat Bait Box

A more lethal solution, this type of trap consists of two entry-ways and a middle section tray filled with poison gel.


Our fleet and location





Our fleet consists of Declasse Burritos and are parked at our garage in Elysian Island at Berth 59 and 60!




Contact us!


We're reachable by phone, email and on Facebrowser!


Phone number: 6047

Email: [email protected]

Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/pages/bugstars


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Rating (Optional) : ★★★★★
Username : ElHan

Comment : Amazing customer service and fast. Called and he was at my house within 10 minutes. Good prices as well. 

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