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Staff Update - January 2022

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Credits to @Viscaria for the continued amount of work for the banners on the staff update


Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome to the first Staff Update of 2022! We hope you all had an amazing Holiday and a Happy New Year so far!


2021 as some would call it "eventful" both for the community and for everyone around the world in general. With COVID still impacting a majority of us, it leads a lot of us thinking the year went by faster then usual as a lot of us were not able to do as much as we wanted. However, for GTA World - we continued to make strides within the server, through events, game updates and collecting donations for cancer research - we have made amazing movements and impacts overall. It is truly amazing how our community can come together in time of need and or in time of celebration, and be together and enjoy the moments that we have stepped away from RP.

In GTA World specifically, we have went through massive updates from the start of the year until the very end. Our Development Team works with passion days after days to provide you with all our updates. Without our Game and Web Dev's being here on almost a constant basis our services would be nowhere near the same that they are today with almost 100% uptime all year round.

With the Development Team in mind, I encourage those to go through our Game Changelog and see the massive amount of updates we have deployed for the server. With over 10 pages of updates, it shows the true dedication that the Developers go through. It also shows history throughout GTA World, showing how we have progressed and what the future might hold for the community. It's truly amazing the amount of work that get's done, and we are all extremely thankful for the work you all do.


Something most notable for 2021, was the Economy update and launching Rage 1.1 on the community. Rage 1.1 was something that was being worked on for a long time, and the deployment of it made the server change forever, especially with the sync options that were available through the update. 1.1 opened and allowed the Development Team to expand on projects that we were never able to officially push through with previous Rage Updates. The server has made amazing strides since the update, and we continue to work on a daily basis to make sure our services are stable for the community.


The Economy update while being somewhat "new" - has made great impacts on the community and how money and banking is handled rather then our former systems. Especially with only being able to hold an "x" amount of money on your person rather then carrying around hundreds of thousands in "cash". We appreciate all the feedback that we have received about the update, and continue to look on how to improve it.

Our Staff Team in general deserves a huge shout-out due to the amount of dedication and hard work they put into the positions that they have taken. Management knows for fact the amount of work they do is immense and something that cannot be matched on any other community. You all deserve the best of the year to come, and we want to thank you for everything you do for the community here. While we cannot tag everyone due to the massive team we have, we ask for the community to make sure to give a simple "Thank you" to those in the Staff Team that you might encounter, as a simple kind gesture can really boost someone's day when they are doing a boatload of work for the community that you also enjoy.

Speaking of Staff, I would like to give a congratulations to @Armolis and @LilManiac being promoted to Senior Administrator and officially taking over the Roleplay Quality Team. Both of them have worked extremely hard over the past few months to get to the position they are in today. We believe that they will continue to do a great amount of work within RPQM and will continue to make the sub-team move forward. While the team will still be moderated by @Pillsbury and the rest of Management, we have full trust in the duo to take over and run the team as needed.


I would also like to give a big shoutout to the rest of Management for the amount of work we have put in together. We all entered Management around the same time, and we have completed a full year together. I can say for certainty, we all look forward for the upcoming year and continuing to be here for the community. 


And finally, I would like to make the note that our Media Team is now up and running. @Cheeezy has taken over the Social Media side starting with our Instagram that is being posted on an almost daily basis. If you have something you would like posted, feel free to message @Cheeezy & @Pillsbury and we would be happy to have it forwarded. We would also appreciate the follow! @GTAWRP


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions


Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator

@Armolis (Head of Roleplay Quality Management)
@LilManiac (Assistant Head of Roleplay Quality Management)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2








Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1


Senior Support to Trial Administrator







Support to Senior Support





New Support Members:







To avoid an influx of repeated questions, applications were not opened this month and due to a new internal system, they will be opening now every second month rather than month by month. If you were reserved in the previous wave, you will be automatically brought up for consideration in the upcoming wave for this month. If you have questions unrelated to what was mentioned above please contact @KV or @Jonesy for assistance.
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