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Ban Kidnap Robberies

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As the title says. Ban kidnap robberies. It's unrealistic & shouldn't be accepted here. 9/10 robberies involve kidnapping the victim & driving them to the middle of nowhere specifically to rob them, it just makes no sense.


Why would anyone go from a year or two in jail for armed robbery, all the way to 15+ years for kidnapping & armed robbery? All over a few dollars? It makes absolutely no sense & should not be allowed. Robberies are supposed to be for the RP, not the rewards, so why allow these unrealistic & ridiculous kidnap robberies to begin with? 

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Agreed, this started the day after bike robberys were banned, it is used by people who's old meta isn't allowed so they made a new one. The actual day it was officially not allowed I was politely asked to get into a car twice within a few hours. 

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interestingly enough, even moving victims away from witnesses with a distance of like 10-100 feet can be considered kidnapping in california.


to what extent do you purpose the server limits how far you can isolate people? 

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