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What would you like to see on GTAW? (2022)

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12 minutes ago, Wolfhound said:


personally i wouldnt have problem with minor characters but most of the time it was proven ppl wanna rp the advantages only, meanwhile if an adult bodies them they go off on /b saying u are some kinda monster child killer but at the same time acting like an adult brought them to their deaths

yea naw, i totally agree w what u saying. if shit like this happens to u u should just ignore it. not all minor characters do shit like that tho

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I don't know if it's already been posted here, but I want to see two things. I want to see this-

(the ability to wash cars manually using a kit you can buy at gas stations, plus a ceramic coating kit to decrease the dirt level accumulation)

I would also like to see the ability to manually freeze vehicles in interiors via a command, maybe something like /vfreeze. I have a suggestion posted about this as well.


These two things are minor, but I believe they would do a lot to help with the quality of life on the server.

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On 2/15/2022 at 4:32 PM, kartoffel said:

so you're saying you're playing since 2017 and never got robbed at least ONCE? wtf are u rping? home office?
we're adults roleplaying fictional characters on a 8 year old game's multiplayer modification, shit is weird whether u roleplaying a minor or not

Everything from civilian, law enforcement, governmental to organized crime and MCs, never robbed once. And no, it's not weird as roleplay is a pretty big niche. Roleplaying a minor as a grown up man is hella weird though.

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