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W/S Palmer Blocc Carson Crips


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Out of Character

Our faction is based heavily on the real life counterpart: Palmer Blocc Compton Crips. While Palmer Street does not exist in game, we portray the Almond Blocc Soldiers clique. This is due to the fact that the geography of the area we are setting up in is accurate to the real life geography of Almond Blocc Soldiers' (see here). We aim to capitalize on the unique opportunity of having a setting that is very comparable to our real life counterpart in order to create a highly immersive environment.


We encourage anybody to come and join our Discord server. We have information there for anybody who is interested in joining our faction or roleplaying in the area with us, along with a number of guides. The larger long-term goal is to have a neighborhood that feels like one that is dominated by a street gang, with various residents in the area as well who may not necessarily be aligned with the gang (i.e., local business owners).


Any questions can either by forwarded to @Theory (Theory#4466) or asked in the #questions channel of our Discord server.


Character permission kills should be forwarded to Theory on the forum.

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