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Traviesos Gangsters 13


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@Selenahelo mi corazon welkom to our humble thread it took long for u to notice us but finally yous here i can rememba tha hot summer dayz when ud let ur beautiful locks gust about in tha wind and tha birdies wud pass over our varrio id imagine tha 2 of us fly away off into the horizon to the sunset togetha foreva in dis vida loca can u hear that shawty? its da beat of ma heart rumbling in ma chest tha sound of passion tha lullaby of a lovestruck gangsta yous make me wish ta be a betta man yous ma inspiration its like toni mantana said gurl first chu get tha money then tha powa and then tha woman 


i got tha money and powa shawty so what is we waitin on ? i live by one rule and thats if her badonkadonk jiggles when she walks ima listen to her when she talks and right now you got my full undivided attention tu sabes 


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