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Traviesos Gangsters 13


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Traviesos Gangsters 13 (also called Trouble Gang, SSTGS13) is an almost exclusively Hispanic varrio, operating out of Rancho, South Los Santos. The gang is newly established and largely untested, with little respect or even knowledge amongst their peers. Despite this, the nearly 20 man set has attracted the attention of LSSD’s gang unit and the authorities at large, following their debut into South LS’ underbelly over the new year. 


The gang’s origins lie in the tag-banging crew That Gangster Shit (TGS), whose ex-members make up the core of Tiny Traviesos’ membership. While original members of TGS were primarily concerned with graffiti and graffiti culture, the slaying of Martin “Tragic” Tolano (Rest in Paint) and subsequent retaliation on Rancho Varrio Grape severely transformed the nature of TGS. While prior to the shootings, TGS had partaken in petty crime, the on-going beef with Varrio Grape irreversibly changed the crew. The war period continued throughout early January, which saw members of TGS having numerous problems with local Rancho thugs. In addition to Grape, members had issues with locals and bangers in the area. Some formative events include beefs with local dealers, numerous gang related robberies, and problems with several Davis locals. Members began to worry about self-defence, and making money over “getting up”  and holding down lucrative turf. 


The attention brought on by TGS’ rapid rise has earned them gang status by LSSD’s gang unit, and extreme scrutiny in the courts. Many members have served the majority of their childhood in juvenile detention, often on gun charges, evasion, and vandalism charges. Notable members who have served serious time for juveniles include Jesse “Risky” Muro, Bryan “Lil Drifter” Nieves, and Edmund “Bam Bam” Gazzard. Risky, who was only released this January, has set the trend for how TGS members are treated in court, being the first to see serious time. TGS has also been repeatedly victimized by law enforcement in recent times, with members often being faced with police brutality, and mistreatment. For instance, Saul “Chuco” Rivas has been the target of police brutality, and harassment over the course of the last few months. This has accumulated in his recent encounter with two corrupt LSPD officers, who left him bloodied, and bruised in a South Los alley.


Taking a hard stance in your city’s local gang politics is a must for fledgling gangs. TGS has committed fully to the “Crip killer” card in recent times, having multiple problems with South Los Santos Crip gangs. Stabbings with Tongan Crips, and an extended beef with both Palmer Blocc and Grape has led to a full adoption of the moniker. Palmer Blocc, their main enemy, recently shot at two TGS members, adding more fuel to the fire. The full effects of this move are yet to be seen, and may garner more attention than the gang can handle. TGS has maintained an ungoing beef with Stain Town Locos (STL), a much older varrio. The war claimed over five lives, and concluded when members of TGS attacked a group of STL members in the heart of their varrio. Hispanic varrios in Los Santos remain largely divided on race relations, with some accepting blacks, and even having black members, some not accepting blacks but having cordial relations, and some even being downright hostile to blacks in general. TGS definitely falls into the latter category, who has repeatedly had issues with almost exclusively black gangs in the area. Prior to TGS’ transition into a gang, the group was often at the mercy of the more active, larger black gangs in the area, being robbed and beaten several times. With a chip on their shoulder, the group began to press racial politics in the area, usually as a way to get under their enemies’ skins.


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