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Southside Travieso Gangsters 13


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Southside Travieso Gangsters 13 (SSTGS13) is an almost exclusively Hispanic varrio, operating out of Rancho (516), South Los Santos. While newly established in the 2010s, the gang has earned the respect of the Sureno community at large and may wield a considerable amount of influence in San Andreas’ prison systems. The gang’s debut into Los Santos’ underbelly was extremely bloody, with a rapid rise in both territory and membership throughout the 2010s and 2020s.

The gang’s origins lie in the 2009 tag-banging crew That Gangster Shit (TGS), whose ex-members largely lay dead or in jail, excluding a select few. During this time, the crew developed gangbanging tendencies, stemming from long-term problems with Varrio Rancho Grape, Tongan Crips, Stain Town Locos, Playboys 13, and Palmer Blocc. These bloody wars ultimately pushed TGS away from painting and petty crime, instead, members began to worry about self-defense, and making money over “getting up”.

With many members institutionalized in San Andreas’ correctional system, That Gangster Shit’s development into Traviesos became inevitable. Leading Mexican Mafia gangsters picked up on TGS’ rapid rise into prominence, and under “Cuatro” Ortega’s blessing, they adopted their thirteen and validation from the Sureno community at large. While their adoption of the Sur identity came with little to no initial gain on the street, members were finally protected in correctional facilities.

In the early 2010s, Traviesos Gangsters absorbed another tag-banging crew, Making Enemies Rank (MER). MER, now a clique within Traviesos, adopted many Traviesos cultural hallmarks, including a hard “n***** killer” stance, as well as the adoption of the “Crip killer” card. Their hatred of the Crips developed so deeply that the clique became renowned for their adoption of red clothing and rags. By 2023, the clique claims Jamestown St (JST) more commonly over MER, likely to distance themselves from their tagger origins. Another notable clique was formed a few years later, Dukes (DKS). This clique largely carries on the traditions of the original That Gangster Shit taggers, with their leadership including original members from the crew. 

The ten-year rise of Traviesos Gangsters led to the ire of both the local community and the Los Santos law enforcement community at large. Between the years of 2018 and 2023, there has been a string of repeated officer-involved shootings in and surrounding the Jamestown Street projects, with at least a dozen fatalities. This feud between Los Santos’ police and Traviesos has led to several arrests, seizures, gang sweeps, and different forms of injunctions. Attempts to surveillance Traviesos' territories were largely fruitless.






Despite their relatively recent foundation compared to older varrios, Traviesos is suspected of wielding considerable influence in the Mexican Mafia. Many are associated with high-ranking Mexican Mafia members. Considering the high incarceration ratio of Traviesos’ membership, by 2023 the gang wields a similar influence to many of its older contemporaries. Some speculate that their relations with the Mexican Mafia have provoked Traviesos Gangsters to take a harder stance against their neighboring gangs. This much is reflected by recent expansions past busy Carson Avenue and into the 515 area of Jamestown.




Jamestown since the early months of 2021 and now, has adopted a very negative stigma of that follows all of its residents, that being civilians, members of law enforcement, and gang bangers. Being an underdeveloped area that doesn't get much attention or funding, it has been the number one breeding ground for teenagers to dwell deep into all kinds of illegal activities, that being; the common sale of narcotics, drug & gun trafficking, murder, grand theft auto, and burglary.


Rancho has seen the most vicious and bloodthirsty gang wars occur during the years, due to local territorial disputes between notorious gangs all wanting to level up their drug distribution and outreach to the youth. There are plenty of these street gangs that could be mentioned for their violence and overall control, although one has risen above all others, once upon of time being the underdogs of Jamestown, to now being one of the most largest, powerful and menacing criminal organizations in only a matter of a few years.


Amidst the gaping aftermath of the bloodbath which painted the concrete surface of the Jamestown Projects red, stepped forth a large amount of equally ambitious juvenile delinquents, all with the desire for more power, authority, and lust for income. 

The most notable, and perhaps prominent, of these groups, was the kin and remainder of the previous generation. The seasoned ghetto vets were either rotting underneath the soil of most local Rancho cemeteries, while others got away and managed to secure themselves a few life sentences behind Bolingbroke’s walls. That, however, did not prevent the gang from adapting to their new setting, and in turn, embellished on a new set of traditions and principles.


TLS or also known as Tiny Lokotes were those to essentially plaster the crown atop of their dome, serving as the successor to the previous Flateros clique. Composed of young banged-out gang members. The clique pays homage and puts on for the older generation of TGS gang members.


Formerly known as one of the more lowkey and unrecognized sets of the Traviesos gang, the Gutter Team (PREVIOUSLY GT) crew used to prioritize money before gang-banging prior to their transformation into the Diablos clicka. A fully-fledged clique that attracted violent and both machiavellian individuals. Gutter Team Gutter Lokos, Gutter Babies, Gutter Team are known for getting down with the cause and adhering to older TGS gang members, front lining, and moving packs. They can often be seen selling drugs out of the Roy Lowe/Jamestown area, alley, and store. They are also well known for being jackboys, hence the term ''Gutter, Gutter.'' They really live what they speak.




Battle of the Underdogs

During the month of May 2023, a butterfly effect had transpired where a power struggle had occurred, which had led to the death of countless TGS members in an in-house dispute of which lasted weeks. Notable members such as; Sebastian Castaneda, Tony Ojeda, Cristian Ayala & more, all were murdered in cold blood in something that the streets couldn't comprehend at the time. In a matter of days, fingers were pointed at Jesse Muro, one of the founders of TGS, and this news didn't only hit the streets, but also the county jails, and prisons.

All of this could be summed up as a disagreement over the way that the drug distribution had been handled between high-ranking members of TGS. Perhaps some weren't as appreciative of their supply, and felt like they were entitled to more. What had occurred was an inhouse battle of greed and power, of which spiraled out of control very quickly. Cliques of the Travieso Gangsters 13 started to take their sides, some siding with Jesse Muro, and some with the deceased Cristian Ayala. MER, a/k/a Making Enemies Rank or better known as (JST) Jamestown St, a fellow tagger crew turned clique had faced immense casualties and ended up being greenlit by Muro, of which they could never recover from.





Shortly after, a greenlight was raised onto the TGS street gang, or what was left of it of which was done by the Mexican Mafia. All hell broke loose on the streets, the constant varrio warfare that this had entailed had led to the death of many women and children, and youngsters along with grown adults from Jamestown and the majority had suffered drastically. Although casualties were more rampant among the gangs that had answered the calling from the Mexican Mafia, which caused for most of them to slow down, it was looking bright for TGS. Debts among the bloodshed being paid changed nothing for the once prominent varrio and they were left to fend for themselves with no hand to feed them. They fed themselves and maintained their pull they had nevertheless, considered no good by the Mexican Mafia at this point.


A lot of animosity had boiled down to the Mexican Mafia not wanting to profit off what was once a dominant and prominent hood dumbed down to a few key members who came out on top of the bloodshed and staked their claim, forming a new generation that rose up after the inner conflict and a full-scale greenlight war. The same gang that once answered to the Mexican Mafia's beck and call were considered dropouts even though they had the intention of getting back on track and kicking up. Risky Muro's position as a Camarada under Bestia once a long-standing bond now proved fruitless and built up nothing but hatred between them ever since the greenlight was called off. His ties to the drug trade kept them on top of the game and if anything the Mexican Mafia lost out on their drug profits by tarnishing the once strong connection they had between them. This only gave Risky Muro a step up when it came to the neighboring gangs and that's where 38th street and PWGS came into play.



SFurk0h.jpg   slske9P.png


Having been on Jamestown Street, despite all the horrors and traumas experienced from a crackdown by the LSPD Gang Enforcement Team, the almost defunct Pee Wee Gangsters (PWGS) clique was on the rise, once again. This time, however, there was a high degree of politicking with Mexican Mafia affiliates by high-ranking PWGS members behind bars. With neighboring blood sets and their affiliates, mainly Pueblo Bishop Bloods and Florencia 13, membership was dwindling due to many of their affiliates being killed. 


With the lock-up of Edward Salamanca, a notorious 38ST affiliate who was responsible for the killing of nine different Pueblo Bishops Bloods affiliates and injuring multiple others, the locals were inspired to go out on their own skits. This short-lived motivation died almost immediately once other affiliates stepped up to recalculate their moves on the streets and prioritize cash flow, especially as other neighboring sets on the East Side began to push up on the now-weakened clique. 


PWGS resorted to developing ties with other neighboring sets they’ve grown up with, mainly Traviesos Gangsters 13, resorting to their aid for support against sets that have grown aggressive and militant against them. This was a fruitful development as it helped PWGS crawl from a bottomless pit back to a healthy position, and it helped another clique, TWDS A/K/A TINY WICKED DIABLAS to rise back up to make room for females to be integrated into the gang and aid in business ventures on the streets. 

A clique that hangs out on JST and the surrounding area, PWGS formerly an almost defunct clique under the 38th Street Gang banner, got absorbed relatively easily under the TGS banner after a long and fruitful development of relations, as they both shared similar insignia, views, gang signs, and even enemies, having been influenced by one another after being neighbors on mostly friendly terms during their long tenure. Despite being crip-friendly while being under the 38th Street banner, PWGS slowly but surely starts to adopt the same enemies as TGS, now on the edge of heavily claiming crip-killer after their beef with Osage Legend Crip.


With time, however, as both cliques were continuously being harassed by neighboring sets and still managing to put up despite their smaller numbers, they were absorbed relatively easily under the TGS banner after a long and fruitful development of relations, as they both shared similar insignia, views, gang signs, and even enemies, having been influenced by one another after being neighbors on mostly friendly terms during their long tenure. This cemented an era of awakening for 38ST, as they stretched their claim across Jamestown Street, and began their journey of militant recruitment to rile up the local youths that have grown tired of the conflicts and racial prejudice they face in their own neighborhoods.

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