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Neutral Characters and the crime rate: What's the point?


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6 hours ago, BINGBONGGHOST said:

park rangers don't just hang out in parks you fool, if you actually did your research you'd know they have jurisdiction in areas other than northern california








holy fuck he's onto us!!


on a serious note there's several CRIME HOTSPOTS that happen to be parks and recreational areas watched over by the Los Angeles Park Rangers irl, ik more law enforcement isn't always the solution but we would have literal people dedicated to patrolling these spot which include; vespucci beach, mirror park, the observatory and subsequent park


but lfm for some reason won't allow rangers anywhere near the city from my understanding


I do not speak for park rangers fyi im not even in them, but this just makes sense to me and would help give a presence in areas they belong in and reduce crime imo

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Controversial opinion but getting rid of minor characters would solve a lot of the issue, people tend to roleplay and commit really serious crimes but don't roleplay the aftermath of it bc "mY cHaracteR is a KiD!! YoU woulnT shOOT a KiD rIght???"

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Totally agree with the OP 10000%. I've been playing on this server since 2019 as well. While I am happy that the server is still alive now and getting a good player base, I still miss the older days when there was so much opportunities for civilian RP. People used to stay outdoors mostly and hang out in Mirror Park. There used to be so much interaction between people and not just RP'ing to rob or start a beef. Now if you want to hang out in Mirror Park or anywhere, people will label you as a "mall rat" OOC which is a shame.

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Establish crime-free areas for example on Vespucci beach. Allow minor pickpocketing there and that's it. No masked up robbing squads randomly driving through the sand in hope for some loot. 


Put some cooldown on robberies or allow only 1 robbery per 24 hours for each character.


Put a cap on how many robbers can be present during a robbery. It's really silly to have 4 people in a 200k vehicle robbing someone for their phone.


Disallow people using their expensive cars to conduct robberies. For example cars over 50k. Why does someone that owns a car worth 100k or more needs to run someone's pockets?


Prohibit silly kidnappings that happen during robberies.


And finally enforce harsher punishment for unrealistic and poorly conducted robberies. Punish people that copy and paste their /me just to hop out of their car in one second.


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13 minutes ago, sCrax said:

Prohibit silly kidnappings that happen during robberies.

Okay, is this a new meta? I've responded to two or three hostage situations over the Christmas period, and each time it was a robbery where they took their victim out into the county.


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