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[LSNN] Min Seo-Hee speaks up: Fake news are everywhere.

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Min Seo-Hee speaks up: Fake news are everywhere.






Los Santos, SA - On December 29th, LSNN reached out to the Commodore and CEO of Seo-Hee Min’s Maritime company for statements, regarding the recent accusations and derogatory remarks sent her way after bringing attention to a teenager trespassing and harming her company’s property. Seo-Hee Min is a woman that has been labeled as a communist, bully, harasser, and similar tags that are intended to otherwise denigrate her reputation. Min Seo-Hee comes from South Korea, where citizens naturally live in constant fear of northern communist invasion and she is in fact, a capitalist. Min-Seo-Hee confirmed that no media other than LSNN reached out for a statement regarding the matters and her comments under the original articles were deleted and moderated. Freedom of speech in the twenty-first century.




Source; Min Seo-Hee's FaceBrowser



To delve into the saga and explain Min Seo-hee’s standpoint, we’ll look at the very start where negative attention was brought to her. A fellow media outpost, namely Los Santos Post, published an article that claims she forgoes charity and pays to slander G-6 publicly on her FaceBrowser platform.




Source; FaceBrowser



“Gruppe Sechs approach us multiple times, sometimes only a day apart, to try and sell their services to us. It was constantly a different person as well. One of these guards was mister Flanery, who holds a senior position in the company. After the fifth time of declining their services, I posted a public post calling them out on the harassment and hoped that it makes them stop. It did help, I haven't seen Gruppe Sechs here again.” Commented Min Seo-Hee.


Min Seo-Hee used her own, personal funds to sponsor the aforementioned post on her page on FaceBrowser that in practice, publicly urges G-6 to cease. She is harshly criticized for spending money on such matters, rather than donating them to charity as the public ‘demands’. Her actions are criticized, deemed pointless, and a waste of funds that could face better usage. Although, following that logic, should everyone be publicly shamed for not donating to charity, but choosing to spend their funds on different matters, other than charity? Boosted posts are abundant on FaceBrowser.





Source; FaceBrowser



The two posts earn Min Seo-Hee the reputation of a sexist, targeter of minorities, and a bully. The teenager in question has harmed the property of Min Seo-Hee’s Maritime company. He is the reason that the company nowadays has an operating CCTV security system, said the Commodore.


“That teenager is the reason we got fencing and CCTV at our parking lot. He trespassed on our property, tried intimidating our staff and visitors, damaged my personal vehicle, provoked security, and illegally boarded my Tug, which is currently at maintenance in the port. Children should be protected. But when the child says ''fuck you granny'' right in your face and makes gang signs with his hands, the gloves come off and authorities should talk with the child. That’s the moment I called 911. The police were called twice, and they’re still looking for this young man.” Commented Min Seo-Hee, regarding the matter that centered around her targeting minorities and children for simply “standing” in her property.


Further on, the Commodore was showered with disdain and hatred online after she created a poll to assist her with the name of a new yacht among her fleet. Only female names were enlisted in the aforementioned poll and the name of Desmond Brown was quick to surface above the waters.





Source; FaceBrowser



Min Seo-Hee was very passionate when addressing this specific topic and told us of her intentions of suing the media outlet ‘Los Santos Post’, as well as revealing to us why the name Desmond Brown wasn’t originally included as a naming option in the depicted poll.


“The recent publication of the Los Santos Post that involves Desmond Brown is pure slander, and I won’t stand for this noble man's name to be abused to slander my business. So I took legal action and filed a civil petition at the superior court. For libel mostly, but I also included that the Los Santos Post abandoned their ethical journalism obligations, and desacralized a dead person's name. What saddens me the most is how people with ill intentions take any opportunity they get to slander a business, even lie to get their way. So, originally, the contest was simple. A ship, per centuries-old tradition, is named after females. Some exceptions apply, correct. I decided to follow that tradition, and collect female names of people in this state that have made significant contributions. Names like Shaw, Malloway, and Okumura were among those. The fact that no winner was announced was simple; there are plans for a second yacht, custom made, to be named after Desmond Brown. And it fills me with emotions to know how these people ''sh*t'' all over that and forced me to make this public before it was ready. At the end of the day, it’s always up to the reader, and I urge, especially in these times of fake news, to always check sources.” Said Min Seo-Hee.





Source; FaceBrowser



As of most recent, an opinion piece was published online, targeting Min Seo-Hee. The piece harshly criticizes the Commodore for sharing a photo of a masked man riding a jet ski, which belongs to her company, whilst brandishing his weapon, earning her the title “bully”, solely because of that. She wishes to protect what she’s passionate about and is crucified by anonymous writers on the internet. Defending an anonymous man promoting heinous behavior that is brandishing a weapon whilst riding a jet ski seems reason enough to earn her the aforementioned titles, only because she publicly posted a photo of it and calling him out; a reason why the company is enlisting a blacklist policy. A controversial webbing of opinions; she is put on blast for exposing young, misacting teenagers, and exposing people promoting deplorable behavior. Opinion pieces and slander differ severely. What this woman is enduring is slander. Without facts, evidence, and vast knowledge on the matter, the opinion article is outright defamation and libel. Min Seo-Hee hasn’t taken any legal actions against the author, although, she told us she appreciates a good satire. LSNN confirms that she jet ski in the picture belongs to Seo-Hee Min's Maritime company.


Further on, we’ll be addressing the allegations that Min Seo-Hee’s company’s boats are faulty and unsafe. During the visit and after inspection, the Commodore explained the procedures and maintenance their fleet undergoes daily before rental. A singular incident was confirmed, one that was publicly mentioned, although the story around it was ornated more than reality.


“Our ships are inspected daily. Never did I find holes. We had one incident where a customer accidentally beached the ship, which caused our own internal incident response team to tow it back to La Puerta without further incidents. The incident, after investigation, turned out to be a human error by the customer. But hey, accidents happen and no one got hurt. That’s what matters. Seemed like the power of the boat was a little underestimated by her!” Concluded the Commodore.


After a thorough investigation with evidence and facts provided by Min Seo-Hee and our sources, we can confirm that this woman is a target of unjustified harassment and false, misleading content around her name that seeks to defame and harm the prestige of her company's reputation, along with her own one. Seo-Hee Min’s Maritime continues to fully operate and is accessible for anyone.  Min Seo-Hee thanked LSNN for bringing attention to the matter and gave us one last statement.


“The first thing a reader should ask themselves at such an article; why isn't the accused asked for comment? Fake news is everywhere nowadays, and we have the courts to deal with it. But we have readers to fact-check the sources of what they read. I can simply vouch we stand for professionalism and quality service.”







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