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Should cops get a bullet damage buff?


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LEO RPer, kinda comical that everyone's bringing up VC when it's well documented that illegal RPers often use VC to their own benefit. However, I disagree with the suggestion. This is purely a problem due to the sheer amount of guns in circulation resulting in pretty much everyone having a gun and the trigger happy attitude of some.

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Not sure if this suggestion is serious or not.

But if it is, as an LEO roleplayer, this is definitely not needed. All bullets are the same in real life, the police doesn’t have some kind of reinforced bullets. At the end of the day, it’s all fair game and we’re here to bring a realistic environment into the game, whether that means a lost gunfight sometimes or not.

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We can't compare our current situation to real life. In real life, there are hundreds of more measures to make sure that criminals don't hurt pepople and if they do, they get caught. We shouldn't do it either - the main difference being that no one wants to give criminals a chance in real life while we, on GTA World, are doing the opposite in order to give everyone a (reailstic and) fair shot. If we're talking real life, the governments would've sent the national guard and the military to take control of such a city - only last night we, in SD, had 4 active shooter scenes at the same time in a 2-mile radius.


Regardless, everyone should have the same weapon damages. We can already call for backup and have 5 more people there within 30 seconds if someone's shooting at us. Buffing weapon damages would just make it completely unfair.

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