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Keep the Snow a little longer!


Should we keep the Snow a little longer?  

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19 minutes ago, Valkyr_ said:

the only people whining about this are the ones that cant ERP in their ints because its snowing, the snow in ints doesnt even interfere with RP because you can just dismiss the snow and RP it being a normal int, let the snow stay

Ah yes! Popular erp hotspots like...





Rid of this mess.

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Give it some change to the same old sunny - cloudy - sunny - cloudy - sunny all year long until the end of the year. A few days, even if it adds a white layer to your interior (not game breaking!) does not hurt. People whine about a lack of roleplay on the outside world and the few days of snow give an option to do so many different things on the outside for once instead of sticking to an interior all day long or longing the same old sunny - cloudy cycle there is the rest of the year. Sure, for interior design, it sucks. But it gives you an option to take a break for once and just enjoy the little things as well.


The fact people get acted up over some white pixels during christmas times is just the pinnacle of GTA:World. Get a grip and see the positive sides. The server and community has way bigger and more important issues to worry about.

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i think keeping it until the 28th is reasonable. sure it might break interiors but its only 3 days out of a whole year. plus it'll be gone by the time new years rolls around so if people aren't going to any new years parties irl cus of covid or w/e they can at least go to an interior party on their char instead or whatever

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