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[4SALE] Madness


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I curently hold a record of 16/4/0 as a professional MMA fighter so I believe I am the best for this purchase. I am starting for $500.000 if all other offers fail but I am expecting a response at your earliest convenience as the deadline set by yourself has been reached a long time ago.

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My submitted first-price bid of $800.000 is still in standing.


Proposing to call it a first-offer sealing-bid. 


Omarion Reyolds,

GSM: 5252

Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))





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On 3/6/2022 at 10:46 PM, honey. said:

Last sale fell through - notifying it's still able to be purchased, will give 24 hrs before contacting.

Buyout offer here.


((Please take in consideration that my character has been developed around fighting profesionally and it would be taken care off, not bought for profits)).

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If this place is still for sale I'd like to meet up discuss & negotiate. This place would be ideal for a certain project I'm working on at the moment.


Please feel free to reach out to either;


Phone Number: 9981


Email: [email protected] ((AdamZZ#7001 on Discord or just forums pm.))


Thanks in advance and I wish you all the best with the sale. 

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