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The culture of reporting on this server


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5 hours ago, Goonbag said:

Howdy team,


Your friendly pal Goonbag here hoping to open up some friendly discussion!


What does GTA World think about the current culture of reporting within the community? Do you think that some people need to learn to chillax and let some things slide, or do you think that we need to report anything and everything in order to maintain a high level of roleplay within the server?


Personally, I will only report if the situation creates a significant loss for myself or my faction. I find it unnecessary to report players for trivial things, such as accidentally running into a stop sign, but I’ve noticed some members of the community get extremely hung up on those sorts of things.


For example, if someone assaults your character, and you DON’T lose anything, is it really necessary to report that player? Random assaults occur in real life, could you not just go along with your day and roleplay it that way?


A lot of these small and subjectively trivial reports are clogging up the forum reports section and taking up a lot of the admins time. I also feel like they are taking the attention away from reports in which (subjective again) quite large losses have taken place because they are a lot easier to administrate.


It’s much easier for an admin to make a decision on a report regarding someone not roleplaying the effect of the withdrawal script making you fall over than it is to make a decision on a scam involving 9 people, 300k worth of guns and resulting in 4 dead people. BUT, the first instance is victimless, the second has a number of victims (is that the right word? 👀)



If you have not suffered any loss, do you REALLY need to take the time to write a nine paragraph essay forum report for something that will likely just end in a voided situation and a “wArNiNg” or are you just wasting everyone’s time?

I never had a habit of reporting people left and right. Mainly because as you said random stuff happens in real life to people as well. Just not daily, which is why I decided to go with the easy way. If it happens and it is poorly played? I just void it right after we are done with the roleplay, because I honestly cannot roleplay being a victim every week least twice, can I? That way no one gets reported and nothing happened.

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5 hours ago, Writer said:

Someone steals a phone and some money off you


Gosh, I wish it was just a phone and some money lost. The last mugging that went along those lines was roughly a year ago, and that was one time after a seven month dry spell. Everything else in between and since, has consisted of being forced into a vehicle, moved to somewhere near the coast, strip searched, and beat to unconsciousness "just to be safe".


No explanation of how my character is supposed to find help on some backroad that nobody explores, much less without a phone... Just an ongoing routine of being a punching bag because I just happened to be swimming at the beach or picking up groceries at a 7/11.

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Just now, khaled said:


7/11s are not lore friendly and dont exist on gta w so u must be lying


Used to get groceries at the megamall, but then that became more of a mall than a store, so I just sort of... improvised.


And then the beating quota picked up, and I just sort of stopped logging in once it reached three hospital visits a week.

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i just avoid reporting and let shit happen ic, i cant be assed with all that stuff most of the time, if i die i just take the L and pray the homies get a get backi just avoid reporting and let shit happen ic, i cant be assed with all that stuff most of the time, if i die i just take the L and pray the homies handle it ic

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I'm personally way too lazy to report people, its such a hassle and I also don't want to constantly feel like I have to be on my toes to record/screenshot everything I do so I could possibly report it.


I do however absolutely love the reporting culture on this server, reading the report section is extremely entertaining and I always get a lot of joy out of going through them. Please keep going, the bigger the rants the funnier they are.

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The big problem is that we STILL have denounciation-report systems (rpqm, namely, but other report methods bypass the reported party to).


This is not only incredibly unfair as it often ignores the point of view of the reported party, it is also incredibly inefficient as it puts the sole investigative burden on the handling staff member who is, in theory, supposed to anticipate the respective players' points of view.

In practice, however, lack of communication with the reported party leads not to thorough investigations, but rather to narratives being supported.


And before the usual crowd jumps in and cries "but knppel these private reports are needed as we'd get harassed elsewise":

Bullshit, you would not.

In fact, anyone really going bonkers over being reported would be one of the very few issues where I think we'd easily find consensus in the community.


Out of personal experience I can tell you it is the other way around, though:

People will report you privately to ensure you have no say in whatever you're accused of- and then harass you for being reported with you not being allowed to even read what you allegedly did wrong.


Transparency is what we lack and reports show.

Needless to point out, freeing staff resources from all the private denounciations would allow them to much more actively handle the public reports.

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44 minutes ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

i think the issue is partially with admins discretion because people hope for a different outcome despite no blatant rulebreaks. 

It's not just that: Keep in mind a good portion of reports (again namely rpqm, but it can happen with anything not going in the public section, like faction reports) do not cover direct alleged rulebreaks, but are a matter of subjective opinion- You can love it, I can hate it, that's just how it is and neither makes it better or worse objectively.


It is- according to all theory and what I have been told by handling people- this base issue that occupies vast staff resources as it causes workload (investigation of complaints) that will in many case not lead to a satisfying verdict.

In other words, if I report someone's roleplay and rpqm does nothing about it, that doesn't mean I am now fine with it- as the whole report primarily will have been based on my subjective impression, which is unlikely to change just because rpqm does not find quite enough cars/sex/trucking in a reported characters' vita to fully support my narrative of them being oh-so-terrible.

It's not like your typical dm-case where it will often just turn out Johnny Canneloni told the reported guy to murk the reporter over their debts and it all makes sense in hindsight.


So the effort here is (opposed to moderating between parties, did i mention that before? Oh yes I did) usually vain, as it doesn't lead to parties sitting together and talking it out.



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Illegal RP should be executed better by certain individuals, but to be fair, people report over the dumbest shit I've seen sometimes, even with up to standard RP. There's some bad seeds in illegal RP and in legal RP.
Do I gotta mention how often cops metagame or nah? Sometimes they twist and turn every possible thing so they get THEIR outcome. It's not /just/ illegal RP'ers. 
I can't tell you how many times I've had incidents like these with cops. This one cop MG'ed like a mufacka, and she even had the audacity to report me and my crew. The admin arrived and clearly couldn't see the problem from her side, but did she end up receiving anything from metagaming to begin with? Nope. 

I guess everybody has a little to work on.

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