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Lady Syko#1 From 300 Blocck Chamberlain Tree Top Piru

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After another shooting between the 18th Street Hoover Locos and the Tree Top Piru gangs, the Sheriff's Department attention shifted from the 18th Street gang onto the Tree Top Pirus. While trying to leave an apartment on 500 block in the Chamberlain Gardens Apartments, her and two other homies were intercepted by the Sheriff's Department.



The Sheriff's Department recognized Samiya from a previous situation where she stabbed a reputable homegirl from the Grape Street Crip gang, Orena Talley. 


Samiya was taken to an interrogation room at the Sheriff's Department HQ in Davis.

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Samiya is brought to the interrogation and pressured by experienced detectives.



They grilled Samiya for hours on end in the interrogation room.

The outcome does not come out good for Samiya's case.


After a 48 hour investigative hold, Samiya's charged with possession of a firearm without a license 3x and various charges for her participation in the violence taken against Orena Talley.






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Samiya calls her best friend from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility


The word in the set was:
The homegirl's mother's apartment was raided in the Tahitian Apartments. Samiya's mom, OYG Dayna Simpson-McNair (OYG Lil Lady Goofy 400) was seen in handcuffs during the raid, she left in a police car in her work clothes.


Court was held for OYG Lil Lady Goofy 400 (Dayna Simpson-McNair) and her daughter TYG Lady Syko 300 (Samiya McNair).
They both took plea deals from the court.


Dayna McNair's charges:
608. Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon (F) - Class C x1
507. Possession Of A Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute (M)- Class A x1 
Expected to serve a 3-5 year sentence in Twin Towers Correctional Facility due to gang enhancement. 


Samiya McNair's charges:
203. Attempted Murder (F) - Class A x1
608. Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon (F) - Class C x3
Expected to serve 1 year and 4 months in San Andreas Youth Authority.


The court cases took place at the Davis Courthouse at 12PM on December 30th 
Dayna took her charges at 12:25 PM
Samiya took her charges at 12:52 PM


Originally, Samiya was placed in an adult pod of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, but was moved down to the juvenile female pod inside of the same building.


After being convicted on her charges, Samiya had to serve her time. And while in the process of doing this, she meets another female gang member from W/S Black P Stone Bloods, the Jungles of Chamberlain Hills named "Lady J Maniak".



While talking with the young female member of the Black P Stones, Samiya tries to find out what exactly is she charged with. Ashley deflected the question and it results in Lady Syko becoming suspicious of her. On the streets and in jail, the Bloods and Pirus try to stick together for the most part (not guaranteed). However, in female jail there are no NHC 2x, GC & Hoover 3x, Piru & Bloods cars, but regardless of the fact Samiya tries to keep it political knowing that the TTP regards the Black P Stones as allies on the street due to mutual enemies (CVTF 13 x 18th Street) as well as Blood x Piru card history. 


Ashley being inexperienced in jail situations told Samiya that she was in jail for a murder. Samiya saw right through this and called her bluff, but schooled her in the process. She let the girl know that she could not be associated with her due to the unknown situation, she was unsure if Ashley was snitching or not and couldn't get confirmation due to Ashley not having her paperwork. 

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No Call, No Show



Samiya attempts to call one of her big homies, Valentino "Hoody Ru" Gurley but the call doesn't go through. Little does Samiya know, the homies are fighting a war on the outside against the Hoover Criminals street organization. This led to a lot of her calls being unanswered for long amounts of time. It's been going on for nearly two weeks. (IC)

Finally, Samiya is able to get ahold of one of the homies, Naheim "Blanko Ru" Pope, she taps in with him and then becomes aware of the street situation, but not specifically with him.



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Samiya decides to call her best friend once again after some time goes by. This time he picks up.



The conversation was going smoothly until Samiya made it an issue about homies coming to visit her while she's locked up.

She hasn't gotten a single visit since being convicted alongside her mom on her charges. Her mother was the only person who could visit her hypothetically, but now she's in jail and this leaves Samiya alone in the system without a familiar face to bond with. The jail experience takes its toll on her.



Her issue with no visits only makes the conversation get more and more heated.



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