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[Los Santos Post] PORT SECURITY SWAT? We say yes

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Los Santos, SA - Terrorists. Organized criminals. Drug fueled psychos. Loiterers. It is undeniable: the brave men and women who process containers at the busy ports of San Andreas face a multitude of threats. Standing between these agents of chaos and our brave boys in blue are the SAPA's own security force. But are they enough to really neutralize the threats posed to port staff? 



The SAPA SWAT could respond to any incidents in these areas 


According to an insider source, a proposal has been made to beef up port security and ensure that the security team are adequately equipped to deal with the ever changing threat landscape that Los Santos' longshoremen face. The formation of a Special Weapons and Tactics team, staffed mostly with veterans from law enforcement agencies across the country has been floated. 


The new task force will be able to respond to serious incidents at the port faster than their LSPD SWAT and LSSD SEB counterparts. Rumors suggest that salaries will be higher and entrance requirements will be stricter than any equivalent forces provided by law enforcement in the state, creating what's been dubbed 'SAPA super soldiers'. Similar proposals been made in relation the San Andreas Park Rangers, but the Los Santos Post can confirm these are unsubstantiated. 


According to federal guidance provided by the FBI, airports and ports are among the most likely for terrorist attacks. So we ask, why not? What is there to lose? We at the Los Santos Post overwhelmingly throw our support behind this suggestion. Is it time Port Security SWAT? We say yes. 





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Username: enefromtheblock14

Comment: these mallcops cant even deal with the power they already got at the moment, they're already illegally detaining people in their shit group 6 like cars, forget giving them a swat team we should give them a circus to mess about in

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Username: FreeEagle

Comment: WHAT?? THIS ISN'T LEGAL -- THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS LEGAL WHAT THE FUCK. Who DOES THESE THINGS??? CAN THE GOVERNMENT STEP IN ALREADY? THE San Andreas Port authoRity (SAPR) MUST BE stopped. I say we create a Sovereign SWAT Team, and COUNTER all of their responses - We will SURROUND them and take their weapons, forcing them to surrender. WHO'S WITH ME!?

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Username: ricer14288927414789
Comment: i love driving around the docks like it is my personal race track, no SWAT team will ever stop me and my souped out pink futo covered in anime girls. u r just mad ur swat team would never catch me!!!

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Username: T.Hammady

Comment: Since I work for the San Andreas Port Authority, I don't think it's a bad idea but it won't come true in the coming days, because we have a lot of responsibilities right now and we don't have enough time to train the officers to be qualified to go into this field, and I am not speaking in terms of a person with authority.. I am only expressing my opinion.
But we hope to get it one day in order to deter any sabotage or criminal act in the area of the ports of San Andreas.

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