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Game loads in 4K however, in a small windowless box.


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White background is notepad to hide my desktop.


Long story short, ever since the update my game has been loading into a smaller screen, the resolution is accurate in-game at 4k, as well as it being in window borderless. ALT + ENTER does work, however I frequently tab and being in full screen prevents this. 


* My GTA settings are accurate regarding resolution / window borderless

* I don't believe there is anything external effecting my resolution. 

* The window is always in the top left.

* I have changed the DPI settings


My game worked perfectly fine in 4k, before this update. 






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2 hours ago, GameBurrow said:

Did you try changing resulution setting something lower and then back to correct on for the game itself? I've had an issue like this in the past and that helped


I have, a temporary solution is to open the game, go full screen, lower the refresh rate, then reset to previous settings. 


I have to do this each and every time I load rage. 

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7 minutes ago, kensho said:

Have you tried disabling display scaling for high DPI settings on your RageMP application(s)? It appears that some people found success in doing that, so it may work for you. @Jaz


Sadly, I've tried that with no success. 😞

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Perhaps safe to say that it might be because of the update? I noticed that there have been quite a lot of issues lately, such as games not running for example. I think it should be fixed after the update, if it still persists then we always have this thread open and I can dig further for you.

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